Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leverage - Recap & Review - The Second David Job

The Second David Job

Original Air Date: Feb 24, 2009

Brittany Wells - Associate Staff Writer

Really, Kevin Tighe should know better than to point a gun at Timothy Hutton. But it’s pretty fitting, considering the reverse happened last week – and now it’s at least three days later, with Team Leverage in pieces.

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  1. Really, Kevin Tighe should know better than to point a gun at Timothy Hutton. But it’s pretty fitting, considering the reverse happened last week – and now it’s at least three days later, with Team Leverage in pieces.

    In even lamer news, we go into a “three days earlier” flashback to find that Jim Sterling (played by professional evil bastard Mark Sheppard, who is probably the nicest guy on the planet in real life) has made chief investigator at IYS. But he doesn’t even get to hang out in his corner office, because Nate is already sitting in his chair. Meanwhile, our teammates – and Nate’s ex-wife Maggie – are all wandering around the gallery. We know they’re not sightseeing. We know that because Nate tells his old boss to his face. That takes guts.

    And then we find out none of Team Leverage knows any of the other team members are around. Oops. So much for teamwork. Especially since all of them are so busy arguing with each other they all get spotted by security. After a narrow escape, they turn up at a new safehouse that may have once belonged to M.C. Hammer. (Wow, talk about dating yourselves.) Nate reminds the team he was able to find them again because he’s still smarter than all of them, and then asks why they all came back – not all that surprised that they did. They’re not too thrilled that he decided to go taunt his old boss, but they roll with the idea, mostly because they don’t have a choice.

    Nate, on the other hand, is not too thrilled when they suggest using his ex-wife as their inside help. (Nor is he thrilled that Eliot is able to ask her to coffee on the first try, when it took him ten. Or that she doesn’t say the most flattering things about him.) She catches onto the con, and they get into a row in front of the children. He has no choice but to explain the whole new meaning of his life to her, and she’s not impressed even if she, too, hates his old boss. To make her understand, he has to tell her the truth about their son’s death, which goes over about as well as you’d expect. This leads to yet another flashback to the same scene we’ve been seeing all season, in which Nate loses his mind over the dead body of his son. How can we not feel for him, as screwed up as he is? Unfortunately, Sterling has connected Eliot to Maggie…putting Maggie on Sterling’s hit list.

    At this point, Maggie is part of the plan, and not doing too badly. Unfortunately, Sterling has recognized Parker, which means he’s already in paranoid mode. Hilariously, he goes over all their criminal histories while walking by every single member of Team Leverage – except Hardison, who’s downstairs doing what Hardison does. His only response to spotting Nate: “Uh-oh.” And rightfully so.

    Sterling thinks he has everything figured out, but in actuality all he does is run around being paranoid and trip the security protocols for the David statues. As everyone panics, Sterling figures out the crowd – which now has a ton of fake souvenir statues – may somehow be involved. As he panics about that, Nate and Co. now have free run of the building, being locked in. Timothy Hutton gets to do his first real stunt, dropping in from the roof to the gallery floor. The team goes to work. By the time Sterling and Nate’s old boss can get back into the gallery, all that’s there is one very pissed off Nate…and the statues. He reveals he wasn’t the mastermind of the con, but the bait. The team didn’t steal the statues, but they did steal everything else – a hundred and fifty million dollars, as Maggie points out. This puts the screws to Nate’s old boss, who freaks out and pulls a gun, while Nate looks like he’s just produced a cup of coffee. Nate says the only way they get the paintings back is if his old boss gets shown the door and some significant policy changes are made. And Sterling is so evil he’s willing to let his own boss burn (but are we really that surprised?)

    Nate (and Maggie) finally get the revenge they’ve been working for since the show started. Sterling points out Nate’s entire plan rested on him being a “self-serving utter bastard,” yet doesn’t protest his own label. And the man who let Nate’s son die is about to get seriously screwed. All the stolen artwork – which was in fact, downstairs – is put back in its place. So with the primary question of the series answered, what happens now? We see our team saying what appear to be their goodbyes, and the season closes with Nate pointing out that they made a difference in the world (and Hardison trying to tag along with Parker). They scatter one more time, but this time they get like two feet – and then the show makes like The Sopranos and fades abruptly to black. Um. Okay?

    All in all, a satisfying end to the season, but that ending…ouch. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Team Leverage has in store for us over the summer. I, for one, can’t wait. What about you?

  2. I thought this was a great episode!


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