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Heroes - Recap & Review - Building 26

Building 26

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2009

Brittany – TwoCents Reviewer

You know, sometimes this show is really great at surprising new twists and keeping me on the edge of my seat (hey there, Season One!) and other times it feels like we’ve done so many things before. In no particular order, I’m tired of hearing ‘YATTA!’, I’m over Sylar’s daddy issues (because come on, we all know there won’t be a happy ending), and I’m ready for Claire to go away for a few episodes. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

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  1. You know, sometimes this show is really great at surprising new twists and keeping me on the edge of my seat (hey there, Season One!) and other times it feels like we’ve done so many things before. In no particular order, I’m tired of hearing ‘YATTA!’, I’m over Sylar’s daddy issues (because come on, we all know there won’t be a happy ending), and I’m ready for Claire to go away for a few episodes. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

    As we all know, Noah is working with Nathan to bag and tag the big bad heroes. In fact, the only people on the whole show who don’t know are Lyle and Sandra. They both think that Claire spent last episode checking out colleges on the east coast. Their first clue that something’s not right should be that Claire isn’t smart enough to go to an Ivy League school. (Oh, yeah, I went there.) Noah has been telling his family that he’s a ‘consultant’ which is pretty damn ambiguous and everyone knows it, while Claire gets texts from ‘Rebel’ telling her to save a kid down at the comic book shop. When said geek doesn’t believe that a hot blonde would be talking to him, she proceeds with the theatrics of cutting her hand open so that he’ll believe something is SERIOUSLY UP. They can’t escape all of the thousands of security cameras in California and Claire ends up hiding him in her house after she tells Sandra what Noah is really up to. Mrs. Bennet kicks Noah out of the house and he heads off to drown his sorrows at a hotel bar. After a drink or two he passes out, and he gets swept up by the A-Team of abilities, aka Matt, Peter, and Mohinder.

    Hiro and Ando have traveled to India to stop the wedding of a woman they’ve never met. Hiro believes that if he stops the ceremony he’ll get his ability back. His plan is ruined when Ando inadvertently talks the bride out of her wedding and gives her a free ability show. She says that’s the sign she’s been waiting for (what?) and calls off her wedding to a man who sounds like the head of the New Delhi Mafia. At the café she owns with her best friend, she explains that marrying that man would be like death, and then wouldn’t you know, the groom shows up. His name sounds something like Tupac, but it’s definitely not that. In the back, he confronts the bride and Ando steps in but gets knocked out so now it’s up to Hiro to save the day. The condition to get Ando back is that the wedding has to proceed but Hiro objects. The Indian mafia guy demands to know what the meaning of this is, while the bride’s grandfather tells her that he just wants her to be happy. With a really small sword, Hiro demands his friend back and well…that’s it. The big bad fiancé is kind of a puss. Hiro screams his trademark phrase and learns that maybe he can be a hero without abilities.

    Down at Nathan’s headquarters, a woman named Abby Collins from Homeland Security is ready to shut the whole operation down for being too inhumane. As luck would have it, she knows Tracy, who is being kept chained in a room with giant heaters. Abby just doesn’t believe that these silly abilities exist. Hopefully something will happen so we can continue on with this chapter of the show. Sure enough, Tracy manages to break free from her chains and freeze someone to death right in front of Abby, proving Nathan’s point that all people with abilities are monsters. Turns out, Tracy was given a faulty chain by Nathan’s right hand (but kind of shady) man so that she would escape. Brilliant.

    And finally, Sylar is still letting his half brother (I bet you one trillion dollars) Luke tag along on the search for his father. Luke tells a bunch of lies about where Sylar’s father is, then reveals that Mr. Gray used to take him bird watching at the crack of dawn in a little red wagon. Sylar remembers the wagon and Luke goes one step further and tells Sylar that his father sold him. Sylar and his eyebrows wonder for a moment what kind of father would sell their own child. At a roadside diner, Luke writes down the address of Mr. Gray’s home and Sylar exposits that now he has no reason to keep the kid alive. (It looks like Sylar wants to kill the kid every other five seconds; there is going to be a reason why he doesn’t, just you wait and see.) Nathan’s men find the pair but even when one guy has a gun to the back of Sylar’s head they can’t bring him down. Luke cries that the bad man was hurting him and Sylar escapes, letting Luke get hero-napped. Later, and dressed like one of the commando men, Sylar kills the group and rescues Luke, taking one of the computers with him. He says it was because he needs to know how the operation works, but Luke says it’s because Sylar wanted to rescue him.

    What did the rest of you think? Is anyone else seeing the possible romantic hook up of Claire and the comic book guy? How did Hiro and Ando even get to India that fast? I mean, I understand they could have flown, but how, if Nathan’s government buddies are watching their every move? Could Peter have flown them? Is Daphne really alive and maybe sped them there? Is this a huge hole in the plot? E-mail me your theories, or leave your Two Cents in the comments!

  2. So I have FourCents this time!

    1. I'm so glad you "went there" with the whole Claire going to an Ivy League school!

    2. I definitely think there is hook-up potential with Claire and the comic book store guy... cause no comic book store guy I know is that cute! And a note to the writers... girls DO go into comic book stores nowadays!

    3. So the bride tells Hiro and Ando about what a dangerous and powerful man her fiance is... and she just left him at the alter?!? Why the heck was she so happy? She would have known leaving a guy like that would not be simple!

    4. Anyone else think the REAL reason the bride didn't want to get married was because she was in a relationship with her "best friend" and co-owner of the bakery?

  3. Ok, this episode was finally pretty good... except for Hiro and Ando. Man they bug me. But overall it was a good episode.

    Sylar looked pretty awesome in that SWAT uniform, too!

  4. So Costa Verde is stated to be a small town, yet no less than three people with abilities live/have lived there. How common are these abilities?

    They can spot Sylar in a moving car with camera footage from one of thousands, but can't keep Hiro and Ando in the country (nor, presumably, stop them from coming back in).

    Claire has rich relatives. That can grease admission into an Ivy League school.

    Another point about Tracey's escape. Even if she didn't know that showing her powers was probably the worst thing at that moment, what's the logic in killing your hostage in that situation?

    I thought about Peter flying them, but that doesn't give them a way back, nor does Parkman "brain mojo-ing" them onto a plane. Now, they didn't think they'd need a way back if they thought Hiro was getting his powers back, but nothing in the picture indicated such a thing was going to occur.

    Since Nathan's order for Sylar is the whole "shot to the back of the head" thing (which, by the way hasn't been done once on this show, so how do they know it works?), why didn't the agent shoot Sylar right away? Too public?

  5. Carl, you have extremely valid points.

    I have no idea why Hiro would ever think in a million years that he would get his abilities back by stopping that wedding. It makes absolutely no sense. I can buy Ando getting in and out of an airport because his powers are relatively new and possibly not being kept track of. But Hiro? He was already napped once and should be on the radar, regardless of his power status.

    I think they're getting the 'back of the head' thing from the times Claire and Peter both died. They died because there was an objected imbedded in the back of their heads and were only ressurected when the object was removed. But who knows; what if the bullet goes all the way through? Would the wound heal itself? I mean, we don't even know how Sylar is still alive in the first place. I'm not holding my breath on getting any answers right now.

  6. Carl
    Tracy WANTED to show her powers. She wanted to show that she was dangerous and the program needed to be kept alive.

    As for the back of the head I think that info was gleaned from the the primatech files. That's where we first found out about it in Season 2 when the girl tried to kill Kensei with the shotgun. If she knew it than I'm sure others (including HRG) knew

  7. Who's down with Mini-Sylar? Not I.


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