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Grey’s Anatomy - Recap & Review - Beat Your Heart Out

Grey’s Anatomy
Beat Your Heart Out

Original Airdate: Feb 05, 2009

Thomas Nikl – TwoCents Reviewer

The economy is in the crapper and no one in Washington pays taxes but Grey’s Anatomy MUST go on and so here it is your long await recap & review. And remember readers: comments equal love!

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  1. The economy is in the crapper and no one in Washington pays taxes but Grey’s Anatomy MUST go on and so here it is your long await recap & review. And remember readers: comments equal love!

    Up the bum!
    A couple comes in and apparently they were trying out a new move they read in Vogue magazine. Something must have gone wrong as our male comrade apparently has something stuck up his bum. After a day of giggling interns and bad innuendo they finally remove the object from the man’s bum. I want to know what it was!!! Ok, readers, what do you think the object was? I am guessing Hamster and I am sticking with my guess!

    Back the truck up!
    A young pregnant wife ran over her husband. Now he needs a little surgery. Yayyyy hormones! Yikes- he starts to crash during his surgery and then the woman (Jen) has some kind of seizure while she is waiting. It’s not this couple’s lucky day. The husband seems to stabilize. During the surgery Torres and Sloan talk about Lexi- Mark is considering breaking up with Lexi because he’s going to become Derek’s little sister in law (Derek is proposing if you didn’t know). Torres gives him a little spiel about being lonely though so maybe Sloan will reconsider- he better!!!

    Meanwhile, Jen seems to be OK now. But while Derek is examining her eyes she notices the ring box in his pocket and asks about it—while Meredith is in the room!! Derek quickly asks Meredith to exit and schedule an MRI and Derek spills the beans to Lexi and Jen. Evidently the MRI reveals that Jen has an aneurysm.

    Another day, another child
    Bailey is informed by Richard that she is being promoted pending the board’s review which Richard is confident she’ll pass. In the meantime, she is put onto the case of a young girl who has some serious heart issues. Bailey is reluctant to join in after the latest drama with the young boy that almost died. Something happens and the girl starts acting up so Virginia moves the surgery up- Bailey doesn’t want to scrub in but after a pep talk she decides to participate.

    Sadly, they get to the surgery, and Virginia uncovers that the heart is extremely damaged and that the girl will die relatively soon if she does not get a transplant. Bailey- who literally just went through this drama- had to excuse herself from the operating room.

    Virginia is explaining to the girl’s parents that she’ll basically need to stay in the hospital until she gets a new heart because her medicine has to be administered every three minutes (DAYAM!). Suddenly, Bailey comes in with a backup and starts explaining that her medicine can be delivered from a tube from a backpack and Virginia starts to panic a bit. Then the mom hugs Virginia and she like starts screaming and goes a bit crazy then leaves the room. If you don’t recall, Virginia is pretty anal about concocting plans and following them. Bailey and Yang go to comfort Virginia- by hugging her strongly.

    Propose Already!
    Derek is all ready to propose. He’s got flowers and teddy bears all over Meredith’s room. Then Addison calls (we have no idea why) and when Meredith comes home all the stuff is gone- and so is Derek.


    Here it is your moment of Zen (also known as ‘quote of the episode’):

    “Look, alone people don’t like to hear about the together people, ok? Even if the alone people are alone by choice it’s sorta mean- it’s sorta like bringing a six pack to an AA meeting. Keep it… to yourself!”
    - Callie (to Lexi)

    “Clichés became clichés for a reason- because they worked”
    - Sloan (to Derek)


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