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American Idol - Recap & Review - Top 36: Group 2

American Idol
Top 36: Group 2

Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2009

Patricia Morris Buckley - Associate Staff Writer

Last night, another group from the Top 36 tried to get one of the three spots for the finals by choosing songs from Billboard’s Top 100. After so many did so well last week, this night turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. While all the singers showed they had good singing voices, only one showed he had a great voice.

And the producers knew it.

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  1. Last night, another group from the Top 36 tried to get one of the three spots for the finals by choosing songs from Billboard’s Top 100. After so many did so well last week, this night turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. While all the singers showed they had good singing voices, only one showed he had a great voice.

    And the producers knew it. That’s why they put Adam Lambert in the “pimp” spot — you know, the last of the evening so he’s easy to remember when you pick up the phone to start voting.

    Come on — can you think of even one other singer who blew you away? No. I thought not. Could it all be blamed on the dreaded “wrong song choice”?

    Another thing about last night, It seems to be the season of the single mom. Both Jesse and Megan talked about raising a kid by themselves. We already know that Alexis Grace, a winner from last week, is in the same boat. And I’m fairly sure, we’ll meet at least one more next week. But then, it does follow the whole “American Idol gives you a chance to get out of poverty” syndrome.

    But first we started with one of the big favorites coming into the competition. Her placement as first to sing should have warned us it wouldn’t be smooth sailing for her.

    It occurs to me that this is the first time we’re really getting to hear Jasmine since her audition. She has a few wobbly notes, but good style looks and my, she is pretty.

    Randy — That has some good moments and bad moments, but it was pitchy throughout, I don’t know if it was the right song. I had such high hopes for you.

    Kara — You have something very commercial. But you started too low. There were moments, I not sure.

    Paula — You gave it your all. But you took a simple song and went all around it, which caused you to be pitchy.

    Simon — I’m disappointed. You’ve got the looks and confidence, but you don’t have the voice. I think you’re a few years too early.

    MATT GIRAUD: Viva la Vida
    The man has finally upgraded his plain white t-shirt from the audition for something hipper. The song doesn’t show his range though because it’s not showing what can do with his voice. He did so well with “Georgia on My Mind.” But he has nice energy and pizazz.

    Randy — You have mad talents, so I’m still pulling for you. Stay away from simple songs. You can slay with more difficult music.

    Kara — You blew me away in Hollywood Week. Tonight, I’m not blown away by that song. It doesn’t show you off.

    Paula — You’re risky. You’re soulful. I don’t know if it was right song, but I heard you go for it.

    Simon — That was verging on a horrible performance — not just the song, but how you sang it. It was pop star in jerky, uncomfortable way. But I like your voice.

    She is very comfortable with the camera and impressive at first, then lost pitch. She’s much better in her upper register.

    Simon — I thought it was terrible for you. It was painful, a struggle. But you do have great legs

    Randy — Your legs are definitely hot. But that was completely the wrong song. The best part was the end, that it was over.

    Kara — It was so overdone. Everything about it was wrong.

    Paula — Great legs.

    Jeanine tells Ryan that that she got so little face time before that she felt so under the radar, so she needed to come out strong. Simon zings back: But you didn’t.

    NICK MITCHELL (Norman Gentle): And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going
    I can not believe this guy is still on the show. And once again doing a comedy routine rather than a serious song (although the routine does have some funny moments in it when he changes the lyrics to reflect he doesn’t want to get voted off or talks about the judges, or sings to the she’s logo). This guy is obviously gunning for his own comedy show.

    Simon — I pray you do not go on to the next round. You are one of most atrocious performers we’ve ever had at this stage of competition. It’s horrific comedy.

    Randy — You’re definitely one of most entertaining performers ever. The vocals were not happy, but dude, that was funny.

    Kara — At least we’ll remember you. You wear same shirt every week, like Simon, you’re not a terrible singer. I enjoyed you tonight.

    Paula — Singers come in different shapes, sizes, and packages. You are a true performer. I don’t know if this is the stage for you. You’re fun and you’re memorable.

    RYAN - That was the first time a contestant went to second base with our logo.

    She starts out deep and a little wobbly. Then she shows her rocker side, which is better. She has a good look. She chose a hard song, but is screaming it.

    Randy — You just blew it out the box, don’t matter what age you are. At 16, you’re one of hottest tonight.

    Kara — This girl is serious. You don’t know how good you are. Keep getting comfortable on stage You have serious chops.

    Paula — You can sing the telephone book. You’re 16 but you’re by far the best we’ve heard tonight.

    Simon — I disagree with Randy that you’re the best of night — you’re the best by a mile. The competition started right now. You need to get more confidence. I’m very impressed with you.

    KRIS ALLEN: Man in the Mirror
    He looks unconfident. He’s a good, but not great. Reminds me of Chris Richards from Season 6.

    Kara — The back half of that performance was way better than the front. It still didn’t come close to Hollywood Week. Wonderful voice, but this was just the wrong song, I don’t see you doing this [kind of song].

    Paula — I disagree completely. You nailed it

    Simon — I agree with Paula. I’m not going to say you’re the best singer in the competition. But tonight you did as asked. You showed confidence and personality. Chicks are going to love you. I was actually quite proud of you. You may have put yourself in the running.

    Randy — Nice to see you without the guitar. That was a nice jump off.

    MEGAN JOY CORKREY: Put Your Records On
    OK, what is it with this jerky little twist she does and the hand flaps? Virtually no stage presence. However, she had lightened her hair, which plays up even more that she is a very pretty girl wit a very distinctive voice.

    Paula — Tonight you picked the right song. The camera is in love with you. You did everything right.

    Simon — You’re a funny little thing. You looked gorgeous. You started off well, then got a bit shouty. I think you do stand out, I hope America votes for you. I wish your vocals were better.

    Randy — You definitely have an Amy Winehouse vibe jumping of you. I love the tone of your voice. It was a nice, nice job.

    Kara — You’re a package artist. With the right song, you could be a break-out artist.

    Ryan calls her jerky twist movement “The Corkrey.”

    MATT BREITZKE (AKA The Welder): If You Could Only See
    He has a really pretty voice, but he’s so physically awkward and is sorta boring.

    Simon — I really like you, but I absolutely hate that song. It was boring, it didn’t suit you. The performance was quite uncomfortable. You didn’t do yourself a favor. I’m frustrated

    Randy — The performance was so boring. You needed something more edge and energy. You are a cool guy.

    Kara — This it didn’t show us any side of you. It fell really flat. It was about poor song choice.

    Paula — You have a real good voice. You hit every note in key, but the song didn’t work.

    Matt tells Ryan he disagreed with Simon.

    KAI KALAMA: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
    With better hair, this guy would be a ringer for John Stamos. His voice has a lot of power and he does a great growl and hangs onto the power note. Still, he’s OK, not great.

    Kara — You have some pitch issues, but you gave it all it your all. That song was old fashioned for you. I’d like to see the contemporary side of you

    Paula — It’s obvious we can tell you like the throw back songs. You sounded good except when you fell off pitch. You’ve got the chops. You could to do well if you worked on it hard.

    Simon — It was a very old fashioned song. The performance was corny, sort of thing you hear in a wedding or hotel. Nothing distinctive or original. You would be a good back up singer.

    Randy — It was so safe that I don’t know what to think. It’s not what I’m looking for.

    JESSE LANGSETH: Betty Davis Eyes
    She not modulating the song like it’s meant to be, which makes it too repetitive. She has good stage presence though.

    Randy — I thought it was OK. The song was cool. But in this round, everyone should blow us out of the box. Vocally I want to see you stretch yourself and show me who you are.

    Kara — This is your best look, slinky and sexy. You’re interesting to watch. You took some risks you haven’t taken before, but it wasn’t not rangest of songs.

    Paula — I have found you captivating. You’re cool, you have an identifiable sound about you and your phrasing is unique.

    Simon — I think your forgettable. You have quite a nice voice, but it was too cool for school.

    MISHAVONNA HENSON: Drops of Jupiter
    She does this nose scrunch thing that makes her look as if she’s sneering while singing. But she showed range, and a mix of tempos.

    Paula — You definitely can sing. This song wouldn’t be my choice, it didn’t suit me.

    Simon — It sums up you: you’re very serious, technicality a good singer. Left me cold. You act like a 50-year old when you’re 18.

    Randy — The song is cool. You feel so much older, but sing something young.

    Kara — I didn’t mind the song. You’re very put together. You may want you to loosen it up a bit. You are a good singer but where do you fit in the music industry?

    ADAM LAMBERT: Satisfaction
    This guy can really work a camera. He can go so high and go so low. Plus he mixes the song up a little bit. Very original, very good.

    Paula — I don’t even have words to express this. Watching you is not like watching American Idol, it’s like watching an Adam Lambert concert. Your phrasing, your choice — you are in a league of your own. You leave some people in rear view mirror.

    Simon — Some parts were excruciatingly bad, other parts were brilliant. It’s going to be a love it or hate it performance.

    Randy — I loved it. Here’s the reason why – you’re one of most current artists we’re ever had on this show — a combination Steven Tyler, meets Fallout Boy meets Robert Pattinson (Twilight). It’s a little bit manic, so don’t over do.

    Kara — Your vocal technique is outrageous. You can go from low-low to high-high.

    Other observations:
    We got to see last week’s Top 3 in the audience, so we’ll remember them. And what happened to the scenes with the families in the Red Room upstairs?

    My money is on Adam Lambert (duh), Kris Allen and Jesse Langseth. But Megan Joy Corkrey shouldn’t be counted out of the equation.

    What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Anyone else you think should get a wild card?


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