Friday, February 27, 2009

30 Rock - Recap & Review - Larry King

30 Rock
"Larry King"

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2008

PG Ignacio - Associate Editor

Tonight we find good ol' Liz Lemon joining forces with Kenneth to hunt down her missing cell phone. Jack and Elisa continue to strengthen their love for each other. Tracy makes an appearance on Larry King Live to promote TGS. Pretty simple, right? Not even close.

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  1. Elisa tells Jack that she is going on her annual trip to Puerto Rico to visit with her family. Jack doesn't want her to go. Even more, Jack is slightly frustrated that they have not yet made love, due to Elisa's values to save it for a man that is serious about their relationship. After getting advice from Liz, Jack tells Elisa he is truly in love with her and wants her to spend the week in NYC with him instead of Puerto Rico. Jack is choosing Elisa over work. Elisa sees his commitment for their relationship and agrees to stay. That evening they consummate their relationship. Winner, Jack.

    While Liz is meeting with Tracy to prep him for his visit on Larry King Live, Tracy gets a phone call from Liz's cell phone. On the other line is a cab driver with Liz's cell phone. He demands $800 from her to return the cell phone, but she refuses. Later on, during he meeting with Jack about Elisa, Jack receives a call from the cab driver to speak with Liz. This time he wants $2,000 to return the cell phone or he'll email the provocative picture he found of Liz on her phone to everyone in her contact list. Apparently, Liz's new boyfriend, Dr. Baird, thought it would be funny to take the picture of Liz using her iPhone. Liz wanted to keep it because it was the best photo taken of her nude. So, Liz was on a mission with Kenneth to retrieve the cell phone.

    Now we come to Tracy and his appearance on Larry King Live. As his interview is about to wrap up, there is breaking news about the crashing markets in Asia. For some reason, Larry King finds Tracy as a great resource for commentary on the situation. Tracy claims that this will be the end of New York City as we know it. This sets off a chain reaction of mass histeria in New York City. During Tracy's ramblings he hints that he has saved a lot of money somewhere in the 30 Rock building. The TGS staff frantically go on a treasure hunt for Tracy's money.

    During the Tracy-caused-economic-meltdown in NYC, Jack's employees interrupt his first evening with Elisa to tell him of the pending loss and downfall of the company. Jack retreats with his colleagues to work and ditches Elisa. This infuriates Elisa, so she confronts Jack at his office and tells him she is going to Puerto Rico to be with her family. After she leaves and Jack realizes that its most likely over with Elisa, he receives a special message from Don Geis. A pre-recorded VHS tape in the event of the end of the world, or at least GE and NBC.

    Don urges his executives to go be home with their families and loved ones, because they are who matters. Jack dashes out of 30 Rock to catch Elisa at the airport, but she doesn't have to go that far. She is sitting outside on the curb because cab drivers were charging too much to go to the airport. He asks her to marry him and she accepts, but the next day he finds a tape recorded for him and it is Elisa. She tells him they need to take a break and really find their feelings, so she went to Puerto Rico to be with her family.

    Liz finds the cab driver, but he is truly inwilling to hand over the phone without getting money in return. After Kenneth and Liz had a falling out on the way to retrieve the phone, Kenneth attempts to come to her rescue, but with no avail because he has no money either. Or does he? There is a TV set on with the Larry King Live show where Tracy is still speaking. Tracy repeats the hint as to where his money is hidden. Kenneth figures out that the hiding place is himself. Kenneth finds a lot of money on the inside of his page jacket lining. He uses the money to get Liz's phone back. Winner, Kenenth.

    I really liked this episode. Actually, I haven't seen a 30 Rock episode that I was unhappy with. What did you think? What were you favorite moments and lines from this episode. I love when Liz Lemon makes a comment and puts her hand up for a high five, but Jack doesn't really feel like giving it up. That's awesome.


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