Friday, February 6, 2009

30 Rock - Recap & Review - Generalissimo

30 Rock

Original Air Date: Feb 4, 2009

PG Ignacio - Sr. Staff Writer

Tonight we see the continued growth in Jack's relationship with Elisa (Salma Hayek). On the other side, we see Liz's inability to establish any kind of courtship with the male species. Tracy Jordan attempts to live life like he's a frat boy, but who is he fooling? I think you know the answer to that. Another normal story from the gang at TGS.

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  1. Tracy starts to hang out with the new interns Jack hired. They are former Wall Street frat boys that got laid off. When they show their admiration for Tracy and ask him to hang out with them, Tracy quickly realizes he can't party like he used to. Tracy takes some pills thinking they will help him keep up with them, but they are rophynol pills. Tracy roofied himself. Liz, Jenna, and Kenneth just walk away from Tracy lying on the floor.

    Jack meets Elisa's grandmother, but for some reason she resents him upon sight. Jack has no idea why. He is usually very good at charming females of all ages. It turns out Elisa's grandmother is an avid viewer of a Telemundo soap opera that features an evil character that has a striking resemblence to Jack. (Yes, Alec Baldwin displays his acting ability by playing the spanish character, Generalissimo.) Jack's quick thinking prompts him to buy Telemundo and change the course of the soap opera to win the admiration of Elisa's Grandmother.

    Jack gets Liz to do the re-write of the script and Elisa is impressed with his persistence. When the episode airs that Generalissimo is suppose to die, things don't go as planned. Generalissimo improvises and keeps his character a live for eternity. Jack storms down to the set and confronts the actor. He pleads his case and his reason for the re-write. Generalissimo sympathizes with Jack and vows to right the ship so Jack will win the heart of Elisa's grandmother.

    Solution? Generalissimo flirts and wins the heart of the grandmother character on the show, thus changing the mind of Elisa's grandmother about Jack. Problem solved. Jack and Elisa's relationship continues to grow.

    Liz Lemon on the other hand is still not so lucky in the man department. Liz mistakenly receives the mail of a tenant in her apartment, Dr. Drew Baird, and Jenna is quick to note that this man might be a catch. It turns out he is a great guy (played by Jon Hamm, Mad Men). Unfortunately, Liz decides to get to know this guy the unconventional way - by opening his mail and manipulating him. Which Liz finds out to be just like Generalissimo.

    Liz fakes that she has a dog that is lost to get him to go on a search with her because in his mail she found out that he trains seeing-eye dogs. She wears a charity shirt to impress him because he is a philanthropist. She then tricks him into coming to her apartment for a tenants' meeting, but there is no meeting. Just Liz in a sexy black dress, candlelight, wine...and a dog. Someone found a stray dog that looked like the posters they posted of Liz's fake dog. The dog barks the whole time and gives Dr. Baird a bad headache. Liz tells him to take the pain pills in her purse, but they turn out to be the rophynol pills Liz took from Tracy at TGS. Dr. Baird falls over a table and finds his open mail in Liz's apartment. BUSTED!!!

    Dr. Baird returns to Liz's apartment with her mail that he mistakenly received. He felt obligated to open it and it turns out they would have gotten a long great. When Liz asks if they can start over, he has a hesitation that this is the strangest thing that has happened to him. Just then over her soldier on the TV, Tracy is raving like a madman on national TV and Matt Lauer is showing pictures of cute Puerto Rican children at the request of Jack. Dr. Baird then thinks they might be able to start over. Things are looking up for Liz Lemon.

    So, what did you think of this 30 Rock episode? I was laughing the whole way through. Alec Baldwin playing Generalissimo, Liz Lemon writing Star Wars references into the Spanish soap script, and Matt Lauer making a cameo...classic 30 Rock. Leave your TwoCents here and I'll see you next week...a Valentine's Day episode is in the works!!!


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