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Man vs. Wild - Recap & Review - Yukon

Man vs. Wild

Original Air Date: 19 Jan 2009

Jeff P. – TwoCents Staff Writer

Bear Grylls is back again, this time with a trip to the Yukon Territory. This guy always seems to find the out of the way places.

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  1. Bear Grylls is back again, this time with a trip to the Yukon Territory. This guy always seems to find the out of the way places.

    Bear starts his journey by parachuting out of a helicopter down on to a plateau in the middle of the mountains. His first goal is to cross a large mountain range. But first he has to get down the southern slope of the mountain he’s on. He uses his parachute to do a long slide down to the bottom. Then he makes his way across the glaciers. He warns us of the dangers of the crevices between glaciers, and how you can easily fall and get stuck inside. Soon he finds that he has to scale down a large glacier, so he uses his parachute cord to climb down in this crevice. This is a pretty scary but beautiful place to be. One wrong step and he could fall down the chasm that he wouldn’t be able to get out of. Luckily, he makes his way out of the crevice and now is off of the upper glaciers.

    Later he makes his way below the tree line where it’s much warmer. It’s now time to search for food. He finds an abandoned beaver dam and rebuilds the wood from it to use it as a fish trap. He scares some fish into his trap and is able to get one for dinner. Now he will be able to make camp. He shows us how to acquire some Spruce root that is as strong as rope. Then he makes a bed and cooks his fish for dinner. He cooks some distance from camp in the case that the smell of the fish would attract a bear to camp. Later he has trouble sleeping because of the midnight sun.

    The following day he makes his way to a river, which he defines as the highways of the wilderness. He sees a canoe across the river and carefully walks across the strong current. He pulls the canoe out to patch it up for travel. He makes some new struts to reshape the canoe again. Then he scrapes off some resin from a tree and heats it with some ash into a glue. He uses that to patch up a hole in the hull. He takes it out and starts down river. He does fine until he hits some strong rapids, which throws him from his canoe. He makes it to safety but he’s very cold and wet.

    Later he makes his way down the riverside hopefully following it to safety. He sees a structure that has been decimated and finds an old mine there. He decides that he wants to check it out and makes a homemade torch with a burlap sack that he finds. He makes his way down and creates some arrows that point him back to the surface. He then finds another hold to climb down further where there seems to be less oxygen. And the next problem is that there isn’t enough oxygen for his torch, which eventually goes out. He had found a sheet of ice that usually means that cold air must have been getting in from somewhere so he follows that. But now he has no light making his was around the darkness! He finally sees daylight and walks out to the sunlight and air. Soon after he finds a seaplane port and knows that he’ll be with humanity soon.

    This episode had some of the more beautiful shots in the series. His climbing down the glacier crevice was gorgeous. And going in the old gold mine with him was amazing. You’d think going to another cold climate would bring similar situations but he always seems to find different adventures. This one was one of my favorites already. Did you enjoy this one? How would you compare this one with other cold snap episodes? Your two cents is always appreciated.

  2. Nice write up.

    Great episode. Bear is the man, no doubt.

    It seemed a bit staged though when he found that canoe. I wonder if it
    was set up for him. What does anyone think?

    YkonGrl said it happens...


  3. The mine is in B.C., not in the Yukon. This is total B.S. as I have worked at this property.


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