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How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Three Days of Snow

How I Met Your Mother
Three Days of Snow

Original Air Date: 19 Jan 2009

Rachel – TwoCents Associate Editor

In January of 2009, a blizzard shut down the New York for three whole days... which leads us into three amazing stories: Marshall and Robin, Barney and Ted, And Lilly and Ranjit.

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  1. In January of 2009, a blizzard shut down the New York for three whole days... which leads us into three amazing stories: Marshall and Robin, Barney and Ted, And Lilly and Ranjit.

    Marshall and Robin: For eleven years, whenever either Lilly or Marshall has gone away, the other has always picked up the traveler at the airport with a limousine sign and the traveler has always brought with him/her a six-pack of novelty beer from wherever they’d been. Traditions: it’s what makes Lilly and Marshall’s relationship so special. But this year? Marshall and Lily admit that the Airport Tradition just isn’t going to happen. Marshall decides to hang out with Robin until Lilly gets home... that is until Robin says something that totally freaks Marshall out: “If I know Lilly, she’s gonna get you that beer anyway.” Holy crap. He simply MUST get to the airport with a limousine sign!

    Robin drives him through the blizzard to the airport. Unfortunately, they get in a fight over the existence of “romance” and the importance of traditions, and subsequently get buried by a snow plow. It’s a struggle, people, to get to that airport! The two have a heart-to-heart in a silent, snow-covered car. Marshall has to get to Lilly... those are the rules. Robin agrees and they crawl out of the sunroof and head to the airport...

    Barney and Ted: Barney, like he does, finds two college girls for he and Ted to pursue. The girls are in a band, see, and are visiting the big city from Arizona. After much smooth maneuvering, Barney and Ted get a date with the girls to meet at MacLaren's the next night at ten. Nothing is gonna go wrong, right? Right? Well, the next night the bartender, Carl, decides to close up early because of the blizzard. No, no, no! Luckily for Barney and Ted, Carl is an idiot and leaves the MacLaren's to them. Did I mention that they have always wanted to buy a bar? A Cocktail montage later, both are totally sloshed and the bar is trashed. And then the college girls show up with their band. Did I mention that it is a marching band?

    Oh, well! “The bar is open!” That cry soon changes to “Running a bar sucks!” Carl calls... he’s on his way to the bar. Yeah, they’re screwed. Carl is gonna kill them. When they said they wanted to buy a bar, they promised they would never have a “last call...” those are the rules. The only thing they can do is to clear out of MacLaren’s and move the party up to the apartment. Cool.

    Lilly and Ranjit: On the airplane, Lilly tells the story of the Airport Tradition to a nice little old lady sitting next to her (who, by the way, played a demon in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which freaked me out a bit... seriously, Willow helped kill her, but I digress). But Lily knows Marshall is not coming to the airport this year, so Lilly didn’t buy a six-pack. Then the little old lady says something that totally freaks Lilly out: “I bet he surprises you and picks you up anyway.” Holy crap! Lilly simply MUST find a six-pack of novelty beer from Seattle, STAT!

    The plane lands an hour early and Lilly runs into everyone’s favorite cab driver Ranjit. He whisks her to a liquor store to pick up some Seattle Microbrew before Marshall can get to the airport. They have as much trouble getting to the liquor store as Marshall and Robin have getting to the airport. Oh, yeah, and the six-pack isn’t a six-pack... it’s a keg. How on earth would she have gotten that on the plane, anyway? Ranjit takes Lily back to the airport where she waits for Marshall. And waits... and waits...

    Remember at the beginning when I said the blizzard lasted for three days? Well, when Marshall went to the airport, that was the first day, and there was no Lilly because her flight was cancelled. When Barney and Ted ran MacLaren’s, that was the second day. And when Lilly ran around the city looking for a six-pack to give Marshall, that was the third day.

    All alone, Lilly waits in the airport. Marshall didn’t come. Then a strange little guy sits next to Lilly and starts to play “Old Lang Zine” on a clarinet. Strange. Then some trumpets join in. What the heck is going on here? Then, the entirety of the Arizona Tech Fighting Hens Marching Band, as a favor to their favorite bartenders Barney and Ted, surround Lilly as Marshall walks in with the limousine sign. What an ending! All is right with the world!

    What do YOU think? Do you want to buy a bar? What traditions do you have with your significant other? What are your “rules?” How awesome is Ranjit? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll use it to buy a bar.


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