Thursday, January 15, 2009

How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Benefits

How I Met Your Mother

Original Air Date: 12 Jan 2009

Rachel – TwoCents Associate Editor

Was it really that good of an idea for Robin and Ted to become roomies? I mean, they are exes... it could be ugly. On the other hand, it could be very, very convenient.

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  1. Living with someone else can cause some friction. Ted and Robin are driving each other crazy what with the not changing of the toilet paper roll or the not doing the dishes or the not taking out the trash. When they were dating, they weren’t arguing that much. Robin figures it out – when they were dating, they were having sex. So, to solve the fighting problem, they start having sex: friends with benefits. But a’la Seinfeld, they set up some ground rules. First, they can’t tell anyone. Well, except Marshall who walks in on the “laying of ground rules” conversation.

    And what was Marshall doing there, anyway? Seems he has a problem. He can’t use the rest room at work. He can’t take all the judging eyes that follow him down the hallway as he carries a magazine... they ALL know what he is about to do. So, he takes his key to Ted and Robin’s apartment and uses their facilities. Robin tries to put an end to it, but Marshal plays the “if you don’t want me to tell everyone you two are sleeping together, I get to keep the key!”

    That bargain lasts about three seconds. Literally. Lily confronts Ted and Robin and Robin gets the house key from Marshall. Well played. Now everyone knows. Even Barney, who is crushed. He is really in love with Robin, isn’t he? Lily lays it on the table: When two exes try to start something casual, someone always gets hurt. She was right. “But more on that later.”

    Ted and Robin keep hooking up. Then, one morning, when Ted is leaving for work, they kiss. Uh-oh. They don’t want things to get weird so they decide to end it. Again, that bargain lasts about 3 seconds.

    Barney keeps destroying TVs in his frustration. Lily tells Barney about how he needs let his feeling out, like Feelings Hour in her kindergarten class. That was a bad move, Lily! Barney shows up at her class and tells his kids the whole story, with a cigarette and everything.

    Marshall keeps having “reading magazine” problems at work. Then, Marshall finds a bathroom on a different floor that is being remodeled. A prefect situation. No judging eyes! Hooray! Until he gets a sledge hammer coming through the stall. Yikes! Finally, he “mans up” and uses the bathroom at work... and it’s not so bad.

    Ted comes home to find Barney cleaning the apartment. Barney knows that if Ted and Robin have nothing to fight about, they won’t continue their fight make-up sex. The cat is out of the bag. Ted realizes that Barney is in love with Robin. Lily was right, if he and Robin keep it up, someone will get hurt: Barney.

    So, they end it. And everyone lives happily ever after. Well, until Robin tells Barney that getting involved with friends never works out. Ouch. Poor Barney. Best quote: When Lily tried to give advice, no one listens. “My cuteness interferes with my message.”

    What do YOU think? Do you have a special place to “read a magazine?” How stupid was the talking magazine gag (I simply HATE that couple from The Hills!)? More importantly, do you have a friend with “benefits?” Give us your Two Cents… It will buy our silence.

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  2. awwww, i actually feel sorry for Barney!


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