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Grey’s Anatomy - Recap & Review - Sympathy for the Devil

Grey’s Anatomy
“Sympathy for the Devil”

Original Airdate: Jan 15, 2009

Thomas Nikl – TwoCents Reviewer

Ok, friends and readers. Little Grey and McSteamy are getting freaky, Callie digs Sadie, and the docs are treating a crazy serial killer. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some action!

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  1. Ok, friends and readers. Little Grey and McSteamy are getting freaky, Callie digs Sadie, and the docs are treating a crazy serial killer. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some action!

    McSerial Killer
    The serial killer doesn’t want surgery. After all he is set to die in five days. The serial killer (Dunn) runs into the really sick kid who needs a liver and an intestine- and, as we recall from last week’s preview- the serial killer offers the boy his. Before he can give them, however, they find another organ for the little boy. As it would have it, right as Dunn starts crashing they find out the boy’s organs are shot. And we found out earlier that the serial killer just happened to be a match.

    The boy needs organs. Meredith, the only doctor who seemed to possibly care about the Dunn, informs him that there is technically no skull protecting his brain and that he has to be very careful or he could die. But basically, what she is doing, is telling him how he can kill himself- as has been his wish to die the entire time (die in the hospital, not in prison). He removes the pillow from his bed and begins bashing his head on the bedpost.

    Little Grey and McSteamy- rawr!!
    McSteamy has to sneak out of Meredith’s house (Little Grey lives in the attic). Right as he is coming out, McDreamy is coming in. Derek looks surprised so McSteamy thinks quick on his feet and asks Derek if he wants to get a drink. Derek reminds him that it’s four in the morning. This should be a contender for best moment in the episode and we’re only like four minutes deep.

    Little Grey sits down at McSteamy’s table for lunch where she proclaims “you sleep with me, you lunch with me- new rule”. Unfortunately all the other interns see this and decide it’s OK to also sit with him. They are annoying Sloan within seconds when one of the interns approaches quickly and excitedly proclaims “they have tater tots!!”

    Derek’s mother
    Derek’s mom is coming to visit and Meredith is tripping out. It’s actually pretty amusing particularly her huge pony tail tied with a bright pink something-or-other (help me out, ladies, what are they called?). We finally get to meet Derek’s mom and she seems like a nice down to Earth woman who apparently gave birth to FIVE DOCTORS. FIVE. FIVE CHILDREN? FIVE? WOW.

    For some reason Sloan comes clean about sleeping with Little Grey to Derek’s mom. I am not sure why. Derek’s mom gives Little Grey a short interrogation now that she knows about her and Sloan. I don’t think Little Grey knew why.

    Meredith eventually lets Derek’s mom in on the fact that she’s really not cheery and happy like she’s been acting all day. Derek’s mom looks kind of sullen and says politely “it was very nice to meet you, Meredith”. But then the mom gives Derek the family engagement ring which his father (who was murdered, hence his hatred of the serial killer he has to treat) wanted him to have for the right girl.
    Yang & Hunt

    Hunt asks Yang out. He ends up showing up late, and drunk, but with flowers and in a suit. Yang is pissed and tells him to shower. He takes a shower at Yang’s (obviously, she meant for him to shower at his place). He got in the shower in all his clothes. He tells Yang the story of his best surgery about a soldier who was badly mangled who he ended up saving. The soldier wrote Hunt a letter thanking him for saving his life- and then shot himself. I wasn’t originally going to cover the Yang-Hunt date thing… but Hunt’s story was too emotional not to mention.
    Izzie… maybe not so crazy?

    She did it. She dumped Ghost Denny. THANK GOD! Let’s see if it lasts!!

    Here it is your moment of Zen (also known as ‘quote of the episode’):
    "My crazy ass brother went and got crazy ass elective surgery in Hong Kong! Who does that!?"


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