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Gossip Girl - Recap & Review - In The Realm of the Basses

Gossip Girl
In The Realm of the Basses

Original Air Date: 5 Jan 2009

Victoria - TwoCents Reviewer

Chuck Bass is MIA. Jenny is just a school girl again. Serena is salsa-ing but not with the artist and Blair is busy climbing social ladders and longing for Chuck.

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  1. Chuck Bass is MIA. Jenny is just a school girl again. Serena is salsa-ing but not with the artist and Blair is busy climbing social ladders and longing for Chuck.

    Little Bass Lost shows up unconscious with the help of a relative. Jack Bass, Chuck’s uncle. Serena returns to school and tells Dan she broke up with artist boy when she found out that her mom and Rufus broke up. Before ya know it Dan and S are in a lip lock. Here we go again…

    Rufus spent the holidays in Boston looking for the kid Lilly gave up. When he gets back without finding anything out he confronts Lilly who still doesn’t tell him anything other than it was a boy. Rufus takes his hate-on for Lilly out on Serena and after kicking Serena out of the e kid loft he tells Dan dating her is a mistake.

    Jenny and Eric hang out at school and Jenny can’t seem to let the Bitch Brigade be the Bitch Brigade and she rescues Nelly from their clutches. The Bitch Brigade then accuses Jenny of bullying them. Whatever! Jenny uses the secrets that Penelope, Hazel and Isabel told Nelly to get them to back off. But turns out Nelly wanted Jenny to become QB again (Queen B) and when she doesn’t want it – Nelly runs back to the Brigade.

    Chuck shows up at school completely catatonic and smoking dope. His first words: “I love you too, Lover. Long time no see.” Before we can get some hardcore Blair and Chuck drama happening the head mistress catches Chuck smoking.

    Queen B is called in to settle the Nelly issue – does she get to leave the group? Blair doesn’t care. All she cares about the Colony Club she’s trying to join and Chuck. She finds Chuck at the Victrola (which he re-bought) making out with random girls. She’s devastated and finally seems to be over Brooding Bass (yeah, right). When the Colony Club talks smack about Chuck and Serena, Blair tells them off and takes off to find and save Chuck once again.

    Serena and Dan realize what went down with their parents might be worth investigating. So they do the smart, mature and rational thing and search through Rufus’ stuff. Serena runs off the help Blair and Dan finds a Boston phone number that leads him to the adoption agency. Being the smart boy that he is, he puts the puzzle pieces together. Rufus won’t admit anything to Dan so Dan goes to Chuck for answers. He is about to tell Serena when Rufus calls and asks him not to.

    Rufus and Lilly have a heart-to-heart with the realization that their kids will know soon enough about the missing sibling. Although Rufus doesn’t forgive her, they seem to get closer. They go off to find the kid together.

    Blair talks Chuck off a ledge literally and he finally tells her I’m sorry which is just about as good as I love you at this point – we B/C ‘shippers will take what we can get! For some reason I’m still trying to figure out, Blair gives custody of Little Bass Lost to Uncle Jack again who says he’ll take him away and take care of him. Then she says “He can’t know what happened on New Year’s.”

    Wow… that’s ominous! Is it next Monday yet?

    Any thoughts or ideas of what or who Blair did on New Years? Leave you 2 Cents in the comments!


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