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Ghost Whisperer - Recap & Review - This Joint's Haunted

Ghost Whisperer
This Joint's Haunted

Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2009

Lynn – TwoCents Reviewer

Melinda decides to join Jim/Sam on his quest to find answers about his (love) life before the accident that made him "lose his memory." Road trip! They run into several... interesting ghosts on the way, and worse! Sam's old girlfriend Nicole. Could Melinda be headed for heartbreak?

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  1. Ghost Whisperer
    This Joint's Haunted

    Original Air Date: 16 Jan 2009

    Lynn – TwoCents Reviewer

    Melinda decides to join Jim/Sam on his quest to find answers about his (love) life before the accident that made him "lose his memory." Road trip! They run into several... interesting ghosts on the way, and worse! Sam's old girlfriend Nicole. Could Melinda be headed for heartbreak?

    Melinda has an excuse to come with Jim on his trip to find Nicole: she has a garage of antiques to pick up, and with the price of gas, it's only logical that they go together, right?

    Because of the short notice, Melinda forgot she has someone coming to fix her heater when she'll be gone. Ned offers to go house-sit to avoid a party his mom is having with some of her old friends from high school. Later at the house, however, Ned talks to his friends and they decide to bring over a party of their own to Melinda's house.

    Meanwhile, Jim and Melinda are getting ready to hit the open road. Melinda rented a truck to bring back the things from the garage. They open the trunk and Melinda sees a ghost sitting inside, who quickly realizes she can see him. The ghost pesters her for the first part of the trip, until she creates a fake phone conversation so she can find out what he wants. There's a penny near where Melinda and Jim are going, and it's worth a lot of money, which he wants his wife to have. Melinda agrees, and the ghost leaves her to a nice quiet drive.

    At Delia's get-together, while she's talking with her old friends and Eli, music begins to blare through the house. This is the doing of a bored teenage girl ghost. Seconds afterwards, Delia gets a call from one of Melinda's neighbors, telling her about the noise. Delia angrily goes to find Ned and crashes his party.

    Melinda and Jim show up where Nicole was living. Mel watches as a woman opens the door and gives Jim a hug. They talk quickly and the woman writes something on Jim's hand. He comes back to the car and tells Melinda that the woman was Nicole's roommate. She said Nicole left after Jim didn't show up, but gave him her new phone number. He tries to call, but no one answers.

    The day after the party, Ned is going over to Melinda's house to meet the people coming to fix the heater. Delia reluctantly lets him go. She opens the blinds after he leaves, but the new teen ghost closes them again, several times. Minutes later, Delia finds a joint on the ground in Ned's room. Delia talks to Eli about the ghost, and they come to the conclusion that it is Angie, a girl Delia knew from high school who was hit by a car and killed. Perhaps the ghost is trying to stir up trouble and left the joint? Or maybe it was Delia's friends. The friends both deny it, so Delia confronts Ned. He says it isn't his.

    At the garage with the antiques, Jim tries calling Nicole again, but to no avail. Melinda goes through things when she meets another ghost, a woman who wants a certain brooch buried with her at her funeral tomorrow. Melinda agrees to her request, and Jim catches a glimpse of her watching the ghost cross over.

    Melinda takes Jim (Sam) to a Mexican restaurant she and Jim used to go to. He feels like he's "been here before." Right after that, he has a mild allergic reaction to what used to be one of Jim's favorite foods. After he disappears to the bathroom, Melinda has a conversation (sort of) with a Spanish-speaking ghost. She can't understand, so she just repeats the message in Spanish to the man who the ghost is pointing to. Turns out, the ghost was saying his new girlfriend looks like a hooker. Oops! Jim comes back to join Melinda just in time to get punched in the face and throw a punch or two himself.

    At the hospital, Jim has a dizzy spell as he begins to remember being shot and taken to the hospital, but why aren't these memories matching up with what his parents say about his life before the accident?

    Ned sees a message left by Delia's friend, explaining that the joint really was hers. Delia and Ned get into another argument about how Delia accused him of something he didn't do.

    One their way home, Jim is finally coming to terms with the fact that maybe he should move on.

    Delia talks to Eli about Angie, who is quick to join their conversation to ridicule Delia on her parenting, along with some other not-so-nice things Eli refuses to repeat. Meanwhile, Ned is tempted to go to what looks like an awesome party. Angie encourages him, opening windows. Sure enough, when Delia gets home, Ned isn't there. They find the party, where the cops have already arrived and are taking away most of the teenagers there for drugs and alcohol there. Angie tells Eli that Ned left before the police showed up.

    Nearing the end of their road trip, Melinda falls asleep on Jim's shoulder. Awww. When she wakes up, Jim tells her she's "amazing," and kind of strange. Double awww.

    Back at home, Ned and Delia are already arguing. Angie says her parents are the reason she died. She was late for her curfew and they locked her out of the house, so she was walking back to the party when she was hit by a car. Angie tells Delia she should be honest with Ned about her own mistakes so he can learn from her.

    Mel and Jim arrive home, and Jim asks awkwardly if she wanted to go get something to eat, or go to the bookstore, or go to the hardware store to get some spackle. He admits he's not very good at asking somebody out. Melinda gets happy and smiley and giggly when, as if on some wicked cue, someone calls "Sam!" from the yard. Guess who? Yup, Nicole.

    Thoughts? Let's hear your two cents!

  2. ok, so FINALLY Jim is ready to ask her out and Nicole decides to show up! I can tell you already, I am not going to like her.


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