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Ghost Whisperer - Recap & Review - Body of Water

Ghost Whisperer
Body of Water

Original Air Date: Jan 23, 2009

Lynn – TwoCents Reviewer

Eli and Melinda find a lake filled with dead bodies and their spirits, just now being discovered after several years. The duo try to find what is keeping the spirits there, and Melinda copes with her own problems about Sam and Nikki.

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  1. Sam and Nicole are gone all day, which has Melinda and Delia wondering. When they finally get back, Nicole announces she thinks she'll be staying a while longer and asks if she can stay with Sam. Melinda says yes, maybe a bit reluctantly.

    Teens are hanging out at a lake in Grandview when one of them decides to go for a swim. As the others tell her to get out of the water, she feels like someone is trying to pull her under, and we see a hand reaching for her. Melinda and Eli go to the lake, because the girl who swam in the lake is one of Eli's students. She also mentioned she felt a "presence." Dead fish litter the shore, and decomposed-looking spirits are floating above the water. Eli says maybe the presence his student felt was her deceased father, Edwin Hathaway. One spirit turns to look when they say the name. He says, "tell no one." Soon, more people begin to examine at the lake. Police and biologists investigate the lake and find the pathogens in the water.

    At Sam's therapy session with Eli, Sam remembers wanting to get married and have kids, but not the on-again, off-again kind of relationship he hand with Nicole. Eli suggests Sam must've dated other women, and maybe that's where the memories come from. Or maybe from a past life?

    Back at the lake, at least eight bodies were found already. Edwin's ghost is back, asking why Melinda "disturbed" them. The ghosts say they want to protect the living.

    At a coffee shop, Melinda talks with Delia about why the ghosts are all in one place, and why they're staying there. In the middle of this conversation, Sam comes walking down the street. Melinda goes to talk to him. His memories contradict what everyone tells him he's like. Melinda suggests maybe he shouldn't listen to what other people say.

    Eli visits his student Paula and explains that her father might be one of those bodies found at the lake. Paula says this is impossible because her father was cremated. Melinda finds herself in another dark, creepy, covered-in-cobwebs building. This time it's the funeral home where Edwin was cremated. Edwin's ghost is there, and he tells her they were trying to protect the living from what happened to them. Edwin refuses to move on because they have "someone" to finish.

    Mel visits Carl Sessick, the previous owner of the abandon funeral home. He has cancer, and the other ghosts from the lake are angry at him. Turns out, he didn't actually cremate the bodies, but he threw them into the lake. Melinda says that he Carl made a mistake, but that didn't make him evil. He could still cross over and the ghosts angry at him couldn't stop him.

    Delia continues to encourage Melinda to do something about Sam, especially now that she has "competition." Said competition comes to visit Melinda in her antique shop, telling her she likes the new Sam and doesn't really want to leave after saying hello like she had planned.

    Melinda talks to Carl's wife later, who tells her Carl passed away after she left. We then see Carl, looking slightly confused, calling for Melinda. He's in the woods near the lake, and the other ghosts have him surrounded.

    Jim asks Melinda if she's feeling okay, because she seems tense, as he puts it. He tells her how he feels about Nikki: she's familiar and he's comfortable around her. As he walks away, Melinda says he shouldn't settle for comfortable: he should hold out for everything.

    Carl's ghost finds Melinda, accusing her of lying to him. He saw the light, but the spirits who warned Melinda about the death of a loved one wouldn't let him go. Melinda goes with Edwin to the lake and The Watcher makes her return. She says when people see the light, they see a reflection of themselves. If they don't think they’re worthy, they can't go. Carl decides to stay with The Watcher to try and redeem himself for dumping those bodies in the lake.

    Family and friends of the people whose bodies were found in the lake have a memorial service for them and say goodbye. The ghosts finally move on: their shame is gone.

    Melinda gets home and talks to Nikki, who says everything she was holding out for was Sam, and thanks Melinda. She gets in the car that Sam is standing beside. At first I think they're leaving together. But he's not! He says goodbye to Nicole and she drives off. In the closing seconds of the episode, Sam and Melinda inch closer and closer, and then it cuts to black. The end.

    They sure got rid of Nikki quick. Not that I have any complaints about that. Now that she's out of the way, maybe things with Sam and Melinda will finally start happening. So, what did you think? Let's hear your two cents!

  2. ok, so how bad did i want sam to kiss melinda when they were talking about familiar things. i bet that her kiss would have knocked a good memory into him! Glad Nicole is gone too, now lets get them going on a date! I am sure Melinda wants to get back in bed with her husband, but she is going to have to play "good girl" so he doesn't get the wrong idea, you know?


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