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American Idol - Recap & Review - The SLC, NYC, and Puerto Rico Auditions

American Idol
The SLC, NYC, and Puerto Rico Auditions

Original Air Date: Jan 28/29, 2009

PMB - TwoCents Reviewer

Am I the only one getting audition fatigue? The good news is we’re done and heading to Hollywood. From now on, everyone we hear will be at least a fairly good singer. High five.

So in the spirit of that last statement, let’s look at the last two audition shows by highlighting only those who got through.

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  1. Salt Lake City: 13 tickets given
    It’s Utah, so it seemed appropriate that the first auditioner turned out to be an Osmond — David Osmond, son of the eldest Osmond Brother, Jay. Both Jay and David suffer from MS, so despite his stellar pedigree, David’s story tugged at our hearts. (And what’s with the Osmonds and reality TV anyway? Marie did Dancing with the Stars, Donny is considering following in her footsteps and now David is going to Hollywood.) But David is one to watch in this competition.

    Then we met two mothers of young children. First up, Frankie Moran (is that a great stage name or what?) who looked and sounded like Amy Winehouse. Then Megan Corkey, who looked like cute-as-a-button Reese Witherspoon. I didn’t think her singing, which shifted clumsily between head and chest voice, would make it, but the judges went ga-ga for her.

    Austin Sisneros is the president of his high school senior class and stumped the judges with his song choices (by Train and Raffi?). Yet he impressed them enough that he may spend the rest of his senior year in Hollywood (as did fellow Salt Lake City resident and Season 7 second-place winner David Archuleta).

    The last two tickets went to Mutt and Jeff. The very tall Taylor Vaifanua has an impressively strong voice, while waif-like Rose Flack was a pretty package. Rose’s story was a tear-jerker as her parents died and she is living with another family until she finishes school. Her bohemian look could make her this year’s Brooke White.

    Note to Chris Kirkham: You would have had a much better chance without the giant pink bunny because you really can sing. But you blew it.

    New York City/Puerto Rico: 20 and 9 tickets
    Only three successful contestants from Puerto Rico were shown. Jorge Nunez impressed the judges with everything except his English pronunciation. Monica Garcia Torres, 16, had a pleasant voice that Kara was right to say need to mature. But her wise-cracking little bro Christopher stole everyone’s heart and got her that ticket. Patricia Lewis Roman’s vocals were not top drawer, but after giving her a second chance song, the judges passed her through.

    In New York City, again only three successful contestants’ auditions made the cut. Melinda Camille, who admitted she loved to dance in the nude, showed that she had the vocals to go to Hollywood. The whiskey-tinged voice of Jackie Tohn proved an irresistible combo with her considerable charm. But Nick Mitchell, who seemed bent on being a clown, somehow got a ticket even with his weak vocals.

    That left us with only a montage of singers that got through with clips too short to make any real judgments. But that’s what next week is really about. We start to get to know these people and their dreams a little better. In truth, this is where we start figuring out who will be the next American Idol.

    Are you glad the auditions are over? Did you think one city had more talent than another? What is your favorite — or least favorite — part of Hollywood Week? It’s coming our way…

  2. I am SO over this whole audition thing. Seriously, every time I watch I say out loud to anyone who will listen "WHY am I watching this?" The whole thing just makes me cringe. Hollywood week is no better... Hopes are even higher at that point so when they are dashed, it is a long way down. Ugh. I should just start watching at the Final 12 or something...

    All that aside, I live in Utah so I am legally required to root for the SLC golden-ticket winners. My vote today is for Rose!

  3. I love the auditions, so many wackos and strange people out there, so many losers, but then you also get to see the up and coming stars of the series for the first time.

    I missed Hollywood tonight unfortunately, wish they would repeat it.


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