Thursday, January 8, 2009

30 Rock - Senor Macho Solo - Recap & Review

30 Rock
"Senor Macho Solo"

Original Air Date: January 8, 2009

PG Ignacio - Sr. Staff Writer

Happy New Year! Our first episode back after the New Year brings us lots of surprises. Jack falls in love. Liz dates a shorter man. Tracy gives a prenup to his wife to sign. Jenna gets the starring role in a Janice Joplin Biopic.

Can of these things really be happening? It's 2009, anything can happen. Okay, well maybe not all of those things.

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  1. Jack has a new nurse to take care of his mother at his home. The nurse, Elisa (Salma Hayek), turns out to know just how to handle Jack's mom. She also knows how to talk to Jack. When Jack receives a gift of solid gold shoes from Tracy for helping him with his prenup, Elisa questions Jack's view of love and growing old, alone. Jack shrugs her off, like anyone else, but when he finds a lump on his man-sack he freaks out. Elisa checks it out for him and urges him to see a doctor. After he gets a biopsy from the doctor, he goes to Elisa's family gathering in the park to thank her. Jack ends up staying and spending the day with her entire family. Jack begins to realize that he doesn't want to be alone, especially if this growth will kill him. Fortunately for Jack, the biopsy comes back negative. No matter the results, Jack still finds himself attracted to Elisa. At the end of the episode he embraces her and they kiss.

    In Liz Lemon's little world, she is still so baby crazy that she begins collecting baby shoes in her purse that are dropped on the ground. As she is walking down the street, she greets every baby and child she walks past. As she walks up to the next little person, she pets his head and says hello. Turns out the little guy isn't a boy, but a man. A little man. Yes, a midget. I'm not really sure what is politically correct. At any rate, to cover her mistake she acts like she's actually hitting on him. They go out for coffee and Liz has a great time, but she still cannot get past the fact that he's a dwarf. She's goes out with him again and she reveals the mistake she made when she tries to protect him from flames at a street-meat cart. He realizes this and leaves her standing there. Feeling terrible about it, Liz asks for a second chance by inviting him to meet on the Brooklyn Bridge if they are both still interested in exploring this relationship (yes, Sex and the City style). When she goes to meet him she mistakes a little boy for him and he witnesses it. Nice try Liz Lemon. It just wasn't meant to be.

    On the set of TGS, Jenna pushes for the lead in a Janice Joplin biopic. Jack thinks its a great idea, but the project is beat out by another project of the same premise with Julia Roberts starring and Martin Scrocese directing. Jenna is crushed.

    Jack finds out that Tracy is wasting his money on useless posessions for the simple reason of not leaving enough available money for his wife if she should leave him. Jack instructs Tracy to get her to sign a prenup, or in their case a postnup. When they meet in Jack's office to sign it, Tracy realizes how devoted his wife is. This results in the tearing up of the contract and engaging in passionate love making on Jack's desk. This also occurs a second time in the hallway of the TGS set. At any rate, postnup is eluded.

    This was a great new episode. There were tons of funny exchanges. Liz trying to save herself when it comes out that she thought he was a little boy: "I'm the weird one, I'm weirder than you!" That was my favorite. When Jenna is dressed up like Joplin and trying to convince Jack about the movie: "Whoa, what is the strange steel bird in the sky?" Jack's response: "Jenna, they had planes back then." Or when Jack shows up at the park for Elisa's family gathering and Elisa explains to her family, speaking in Spanish, that Jack has a growth on his crotch that he is really snesative about so be nice and he brought booze. The entire family begins to cheer. Classic 30 Rock humor.

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