Tuesday, January 13, 2009

24 - Recap & Review - Day 7 - 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Day 7 - 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2009

Jeff P. - TwoCents Staff Writer

As the FBI are rushing around trying to find Jack & Tony, Renee apologizes to Larry for her mistake of trusting Bauer. President Taylor tells Larry that catching them isn’t Larry’s first priority… it’s his only priority.

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  1. As the FBI are rushing around trying to find Jack & Tony, Renee apologizes to Larry for her mistake of trusting Bauer. President Taylor tells Larry that catching them isn’t Larry’s first priority… it’s his only priority.


    Bill introduces Jack to what the new “CTU” looks like. Tony tells Jack that a man named Emerson saved his life. Tony fit the profile of a good agent, someone who had a grievance against America. So he agreed to work for Emerson… for real. That was, until he found out that it was cost American lives. So Tony called Buchanan to tell him what was happening. Tony agreed to go undercover. After hearing the rundown of the situation, Jack agrees to help them. Tony calls up Emerson to tell him that he escaped from the FBI. Emerson tells him that he knows that Jack Bauer, the man who’d just caught him, helped him to escape. Tony tells him that he offered Jack freedom from his current situation with the government if he helps him escape. Emerson tells Tony where he is and tells him to bring Jack.


    Henry tells his driver/secret service agent about Samantha’s call and wants to get a vehicle. He also asks him to keep it a clandestine meeting. The agent is not ok with this, but finally concedes. Meanwhile, Sean gets a call from his wife who is still on a plane. She’s heard about the near miss and is worried about what was happening.


    On the way to meet Emerson, Tony tells Jack that Emerson is all about money and loyalty. Jack asks Tony if he should be concerned about his loyalty, and Tony says that even though Emerson was there for him when nobody else was that he would do the right thing. When they arrive, they send Jack downstairs. Emerson tells Tony that Jack can’t be involved in the plan. He tells Tony that he now has to kill Jack! But before they can go downstairs to Jack, Jack disarms the goons watching him. He tells Emerson that he would be a better option than the people that he just disarmed. Emerson agrees to use Jack by shooting one of his own men.


    Sean makes a call to move his wife’s flight up in the queue to get her down quicker. Later the African leader pleads with President Taylor to not withdraw her support. She tells him that she’ll do the best that she can. Meanwhile, Emerson welcomes Jack and they receive their new orders: To kidnap Matobo and bring him to Dubaku. Chloe doesn’t like that the man responsible for helping Africa will have to be tortured and killed. But Bill tells her that it has to be done for the good of discovering the truth to the conspiracy.


    Henry arrives at the meeting place to see Samantha. She tells Henry that the same people who caught him insider trading killed Roger. Roger had discovered accounts from the Bahamas that were being used to funnel money to Sangala. And these funds led Roger all the way up to someone high up in President Taylor’s people. She wasn’t sure who that was. Then they threatened to kill her if she talked. As she leaves, she gives him evidence of these transactions. Meanwhile, Henry’s secret service agent looks on suspiciously.

    Later, Renee questions Alan Tanner to find out where the device or Tony is. When he doesn’t talk, she puts on Jack Bauer level pressure. She squeezes his air supply to make him talk.


    Renee gets the information from Tanner, that Motabo is about to be kidnapped. At that time Emerson’s team comes breaking into the embassy. However, before they get to Motabo, they realize that he has been moved into a panic room with his wife to protect them. A guard tells Emerson that the only way to open the door is from the inside. Tony whispers into Jack’s ear and reminds him that without getting Motabo, they will not be able to meet Dubaku. Now that may be a reason to panic.

    This season has really launched from the start. I’m enjoying the presence of the FBI being like a mirror image of CTU. It should be interesting to see the competition between them. I really liked the Chloe/Janis battle for computer supremacy. And Larry and Renee have broken out as solid new characters I think.

    The question for you is… what do YOU think? Don’t worry, I won’t squeeze your air supply.


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