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Heroes - Recap & Review - The Eclipse Part II

The Eclipse Part II

Original Air Date: 1 Dec 2008

Brittany – TwoCents Reviewer

Previously on Heroes, an eclipse happened and everyone’s powers got zapped, but we all know without watching the episode that once the eclipse is over the powers will come back right? Also: How long is too long for an eclipse?

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  1. Previously on Heroes, an eclipse happened and everyone’s powers got zapped, but we all know without watching the episode that once the eclipse is over the powers will come back right? Also: How long is too long for an eclipse?

    In the jungle, Peter and the Haitian are running away after Nathan is captured by the Haitian’s brother. The Haitian explains that even without his powers his brother is a very powerful man, and Peter says that he wants to learn how to be that powerful. Nathan is being held prisoner with two sisters who are being sold into prostitution when Peter and the Haitian arrive to free him. Without his power, the Haitian’s brother goes down easy and Peter ties him up. That doesn’t last long though and Peter decides to distract the entire militia with one gun while the Haitian and Nathan escape. Once the eclipse happens, both men double back to save Peter, and the Haitian sucks the life out of his brother. Nathan finally tells Peter that he respects him because he makes decisions with his heart. So, Nathan’s going to follow his heart and go to Pinehurst. He believes in his father’s mission to give select people powers, and uses the Haitian defeating his evil brother as an example. With that, Nathan flies off, leaving Peter on his own to get off of LOST island.

    Mohinder is still being forced to do research into why all of their powers were drained, but instead he knocks out Flint and runs off to find Maya (boo). With her address in hand, he goes to her apartment and knocks, calling out her name. Just as he’s about to knock again the eclipse ends and suddenly he’s morphed back into The Fly. He slinks away and back to Pinehurst where Arthur tells him that while The Fly is researching a reason for the powers coming and going, he’s on his own when it comes to finding out what he’s turning into.

    Matt lets Daphne explain that she has cerebral palsy when she doesn’t have her powers, which she thinks Arthur stole. Matt tells her that no one has powers, so then she thinks she’s being punished because she’s a villain. Once the eclipse ends and she gets her powers back she’s about to run away when Matt finds her by reading her thoughts. He tells her that she’s the good guy when it counts and that she should be asking her father for forgiveness after running away last year. She takes his advice and after apologizing to her father, she and Matt make their way to the comic book store. Hiro’s not there (see below) and Seth Green tells them that there’s still an unpublished copy of the 9th Wonder comic in the possession of the bicycle messenger Isaac gave all of his sketches to. Obviously, they need to find it to know what happens next.

    Sandra takes Claire to the ER, and because she’s never been sick in her life, Claire’s body goes into severe shock to fight an infection. The doctors and police are all over Sandra, but when she calls Noah he just tells her to lie her ass off. Claire eventually flat lines and is pronounced dead, but then the eclipse ends and she bounces back to life. Noah finally arrives home and Claire bitches at him some more about how he’s never there when it counts. Noah, meanwhile, has been out hunting Elle and Sylar. He manages to shoot Elle in the leg and tracks them to a grocery store. After sending Elle to safety down a service elevator, Sylar gets into fisticuffs with Noah. It all comes to a head when Noah slits Sylar’s throat and leaves him for dead. Only not really because then the eclipse ends and Sylar comes back to life. When Noah finds out that Claire’s power is back, he realizes what a huge mistake he’s made but Sylar is already in the house. He’s come for Claire and to kill Noah, but Noah manages to tell Sylar that Angela and Arthur are not his parents. Sylar shrugs it off and starts working on slitting Noah’s throat when Hiro appears. He blinks out Sylar, Elle, and Claire.

    On a beach somewhere in the world, post-blinking, Elle and Sylar start kissing as he lays her down in the sand. He tells her that she was wrong: he is just a monster and he’ll never change. He then slices the top of her head off; for what I don’t know because he already has her power.

    After reading all of the 9th Wonder comic books, Breckin Meyer determines that to get his memory back, Hiro needs to transport Claire back to the time she was first given to Noah as an infant. So, when Hiro blinks her out of her home, that’s where he takes her. She’s sufficiently shocked, and the episode ends on her exclamation of ‘holy shi-!’

    So, what did you think? I’m missing the link between Claire witnessing the day she was given to Noah and Hiro’s memories. How do you feel about Sylar killing Elle? Personally, I really don’t see why it was necessary. And what do medical personal do when suddenly a dead body is nowhere to be found? I’m assuming the police would launch an investigation, right? E-mail me your thoughts, or leave your Two Cents in the comments!

  2. Longest. Eclipse. Ever.

    Some of these characters are getting on my last nerve... I'm starting to not care about any of them. Well, except for Hiro. He still is awesome. Even 10-year-old Hiro is better than Daphne. Gah!

    And is it bad that my favorite character right now is Seth Green's Comic Book Store Guy? "Dude, I'm Matt Parkman." Priceless.

  3. Sylar has one ability that affects the real world....the power to take the writer's ability to follow canon.

  4. my friend laura and i watch heroes every monday over AIM (cause we are awesome like that), and she asked last night just how long the eclipse was supposed to last...

    but anyways. i love how the haitian is just the haitian. i'm just waiting for him to go, "dude, i have a name!"

    poor mohinder. :(

    seth green = <3. "BEST. DAY. EVER!" i even made that line my facebook status cause i love the kid so much.

    when sylar sliced elle's head, i cheered. maybe that's wrong of me, but i sure do hate elle. i think he killed her just to kill her, not to take her power -- cause, as he said, he's just a monster. (i love you, sylar, even if you are a monster.)

    child-hiro was adorable.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only who asked "How long is an eclipse again?"

    Bye bye Elle ... poor kid never had a chance. Although I was thinking "Oh THAT'S where the Sylar baby comes from" Guess not.

    How did they explain Claire's sudden healing to the hospital? I'm just wondering ... I don't think they like to let corpses just wander out of the hospital. I could be wrong though.

  6. I totally thought the Sylar baby (Noah) would be Elle's, too. Guess not.

    I just had a creepy thought... what if it's Claire's, named after her dad? Eww ewww!


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