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Grey’s Anatomy - Recap & Review - "All By Myself"

Grey’s Anatomy
All By Myself

Original Airdate: 4 Dec 2008

Thomas Nikl – TwoCents Reviewer

The episode gets off to a pretty good start… the residents are all anxiously awaiting the announcement of who will be performing the first solo surgery. Of course, Ghost Denny is sitting next to Izzie during this which makes me shout at the TV a little. But other than that it’s an amusing intro. But will the episode follow suit? I guess you’ll just have to keep reading...



  1. The episode gets off to a pretty good start… the residents are all anxiously awaiting the announcement of who will be performing the first solo surgery. Of course, Ghost Denny is sitting next to Izzie during this which makes me shout at the TV a little. But other than that it’s an amusing intro. But will the episode follow suit? I guess you’ll just have to keep reading!

    The Soloist

    We find out that all the interns agreed unanimously that Yang should be the winner. But, as Yang was disqualified from the running in an earlier episode, she is tasked with picking who will perform the surgery. And since all the interns are banned from the OR (from practicing- on themselves!) the winner will get to pick an additional resident to scrub in. Obviously, this must be killing Yang inside. Soon Chief also informs her that Dr. Dixon is back and Yang needs to impress her so that she becomes Seattle Grace’s next chief of Cardio… and if not, Chief knows who to blame. Pretty soon all the residents are nagging Yang and pitching their resumes and of course this is stupid because even I know Yang is annoyed easily AND bitter that she didn’t win.

    In a positive note we have our first funny Ghost Denny & Izzie moment. George is talking to Izzie and then Ghost Denny says something and Izzie replies with “shut up” to Ghost Denny. But no one else can see Ghost Denny so they are not sure what she’s talking about which leads to a pretty funny awkward laugh Izzie moment. They should still kill Izzie and Ghost Denny (in the show, I mean).

    George makes his pitch to Yang: he had a rough start but he stuck it out.

    Yang finds Dr. Dixon and asks why there is an empty surgery on the board. Yang explains she has to pick a fellow resident and Dr. Dixon (Virginia) makes a funny grunting noise. I like Dr. Dixon- she’s got that cougar-hotness going on but she’s quirky in a kick-butt kind of way.

    Meredith makes her pitch to Yang: she deserves it but doesn’t want it to be weird for Yang.

    Karev makes his pitch to Yang: she got screwed by politics… he realizes he can’t actually kiss Christina’s butt so he just details his qualifications quickly and walks out.

    Izzie makes her pitch to Yang: she starts talking about sex and how good the sex she is currently having (with Ghost Denny) is. That’s basically her pitch. Izzie is so stupid.

    Dr. Dixon gives Yang a good little pep talk (though I don’t think she knew it) and we see Yang write her decision on the surgery board- she gives it to Karev. Meredith is clearly a little upset as she glances at the board. Alex finds Izzie sleeping (next to Ghost Denny) in the nap-room and he tells her how much he loves her and gives a cute little speech. And when he leaves Ghost Denny is there. Ugh. ABC, what is wrong with you? Does any of your consumer research imply that viewers LIKE Ghost Denny? Sheesh.

    Yang sits in the bleachers before Karev’s surgery and Meredith- of course- gets a little whiney which bugs Yang. Yang stands up and briefly lambasts all the other residents because it wasn’t just her interns- it was all of their interns- and no one really came to Yang’s defense. She leaves and Hunt follows and leads her to a steam vent which is pretty cool actually. Then they start to kiss.

    Izzie shows up to scrub in for Alex’s solo surgery which is good because he was panicing a little before she showed up. The episode concludes before we find out how Karev did on the surgery.

    McSteamy, Little Grey & the Voiceless Lady

    All the interns are opining about their residents ignoring them. One suggests a little sex to make things better. Lexie explains this to McSteamy and says she’s just going to follow him around all day which is a little awkward for him because he obviously wants to rip Lexie’s clothes off in the nap-room and do the nasty hot booyah with her (and so do I. rawr).

    McSteamy has a big surgery coming up which we’re informed about through Bailey who wants to help out. We meet a woman who can no longer speak. She uses post it notes with pre-written responses on them to answer questions- BRILLIANT! And if you’re wondering, the Post-It notes are stuck to her laptop which she’s working on so she just takes ‘em off and puts ‘em back on when she’s done.

    Sadie joins Lexi in the nose bleeds and has some fair criticisms about how poor the residents are at teaching. Sadie clues Lexi in to the fact that Sloan totally wants Lexi. Lexi seems surprised. She is just totally clueless about everything.

    Once the surgery is done the wife still doesn’t want to talk. She opens her laptop and the husband flips out a little. He’s completely burnt out on the typing and the Post-It notes. I think it would have been cooler if he had grabbed the laptop and thrown it against the wall.

    Lexi wanders in alone and convinces the lady to try and talk- and she does- she says hi to Lexi and then to her husband.

    McSteamy hears a knock on his door at night and opens it up to find Sexy Lexi there. She says something like “you made her speak”. Lexi walks in without an actual invite. She says she respects him as a surgeon, and a man, and asks him to teach her- and she starts taking her clothes off. And your writer is getting incredibly hot and bothered and YES THEY KISS OH THANK GOD. Ugh Little Grey is so hot. Sorry, sorry- concentrate. A few quick “flash scenes” show Lexi and McSteamy rolling around in bed together.

    Bratty Brats

    Two girls, 15 and 16, are beat up after crashing their dad’s car. They’re annoying. The older girl is named Holly Anderson… who was apparently texting while driving and got in to an accident. I text while driving too and I should really stop. We all should. It’s dangerous! Ok, anyway, so the girls are bickering and bickering and finally Hunt quietly says to Karev “make it stop” and Karev screams “SHUT UP” at the little brats. It was awesome. But they only shut up for about fifteen seconds. The other girl- Emma- is informed that she won’t be able to use her leg for a while which makes her mad that she will miss some trip to DC. Karev notices that Holly (the older girl) has some weird eye thing going on and pages Derek to run a few tests. Karev gets a little testy with Sadie who didn’t notice, which is a shame, as Sadie is trying to impress Karev. Whoops! Emma is wrapped up in her own little world of hurt and screams to Holly that she hopes Holly dies. Brutal.

    Of course, Holly starts to crash, and Emma (for some reason) is right there and can see and starts to panic and scream when her sister starts to crash. I think it’s safe to say that if Holly dies Emma will need to spend, oh, one hundred grand on therapy to forgive her(self) for the “I hope you die” comment. What an idiot.

    Sheppard tries his best to save Holly but her brain hemorrhages in the middle and ultimately she ends up alive but brain dead. The doctors wheel Emma in- the parents have finally arrived- and she is obviously very upset. Virginia explains to Emma and the parents that Holly is dead but that she would like the organs to harvest as they could save many other people. Virginia is essentially a robot who relays monotone commands which obviously comes off as cold. Virgina, as we learned in her appearance, has Asperger’s Syndrome.

    In the final “flash scene” we see Dr. Dixon removing the organs from Holly.

    Callie & Sadie?

    Callie is looking at X-Rays when Sadie walks in and shows off a little bit. Callie is clearly a little smitten by this as she walks off… abruptly… somewhat giggling and walking into a chair. Let me be the first to predict that as pressure mounts on ABC to bring back a lesbian couple (since Erica’s departure) that this will be that new lesbian couple.

    [Note to my AWESOME readers: Just so you know- I write these in real time. So when I make predictions I haven’t seen the entire episode yet.]

    Callie finds McSteamy in the hallways and she tells McSteamy what happens in the X-Ray room from earlier. McSteamy (asking a few key questions about Sadie’s body language) makes Callie realize that perhaps she imagined the chemistry because she is lonely. Mark recommends to Callie that she stay away from hot interns- obviously projecting his frustration with wanting Little Grey onto Callie’s similar issue.

    I can’t tell if Sadie is flirting with Callie, messing with Callie, or if Callie is just confused.


    I would have given it eight out of ten scalpels, but I am upgrading it to nine out of ten because of the McSteamy-Lexi love action. Score!

  2. WHY on earth would they let Dr Dixon talk to grieving families? She needs to be kept far away from emotional situations ~ just do the cutting & have an emotional interpreter deal with the families. Meredith needs a job, let her do it.

    While I do like seeing Denny back & hearing his one-liners ~ So. Tired. of the ghost situation. Cut to the chase already & let Izzy just be crazy.

    Alex ... dude pulled out a heartfelt moment there! Too bad Izzy will really need him & he'll flake out on her (I'm betting before Valentines day - he flakes on her)

    Little Sloan finally got him some Little Grey. Now I'm skeeved out because Mark really needs a woman his own age who can handle him (Callie!) and not a 12 year old ... wasn't Lexi the hospital homeless girl just last week?! (You drool over Lexi, I'll just keep waiting for another Sloan minus towel scene ~ YUM!)

    Callie needs to RUN from Sadie. That girl is 10 gallons of trouble in a 5 gallon bucket.

    Can someone please explain the steam room shot to me? Wouldn't that hurt to have going up your pants legs? ... And Christina laughing seems somehow strange to me. But McArmy ~ HAWT!

  3. *sigh* I used to like Denny. I didn't like Denny and Izzie together, necessarily, but Denny as a character was cool. WAS. Now he just grates.

    I also wish Sadie and Dr. Dixon would go away. They add nothing.

    Love Callie/Mark, especially his "NO HOT INTERNS!" speech. That was hilarious.


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