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Supernatural - Recap & Review - "Heaven and Hell"

Heaven and Hell

Original Air Date: 20 Nov 2008

Jenny D - TwoCents Staff Writer

The bad news is was this was the last episode until January 15. The great news is that it was a great episode, it answered a lot of unknowns and……. there is NO cliffhanger! YEAH!

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  1. The bad news is was this was the last episode until January 15. The great news is that it was a great episode, it answered a lot of unknowns and……. there is NO cliffhanger! YEAH!

    We pick up where we left off last week with Uriel and Castile busting in to let them know that they are taking Anna and they are going to kill her. They tell the trio that Anna is far from innocent and they can’t stop them. AS they begin to fight, Uriel and Castile are sucked out of the cabin. I thought that maybe they pissed God off. No, it was Anna. They find her bleeding with a sign in blood on the mirror. She said she made them go away, but doesn’t know how. Sam and Dean are a bit concerned about what the angels said about Anna. They go into hiding until they can figure things out.

    They head to Bobbies, but he is in the Dominican. Sam wants to know if he is working a job and Dean’s reply is “I hope so, otherwise he is at the Hedonism, in a banana hammock with a trucker cap”. LOL!

    They find out that Anna had episodes as a child where she would say that her dad was not her real dad. Anna busts in and says if they want to know something why don’t they ask her. Then she goes on to say that she knows nothing and wishes she could. So, they take to her to se Pamela. She puts Anna under and asks her about hearing the angels, and knowing the spell. She doesn’t know. Pamela tells her to look back to when she was a little girl, and who her real father is. Anna freaks out and Pamela wakes her back up. Anna tells them she remembers who she is, an angel. She was unhappy as an angel and wanted to be human. So she ripped out her grace, fell to Earth and was born as a human. She eventually forgot who she was. Anna and Ruby know how much trouble they are in. The only way to fix it is to find her grace.

    Sam finds where to meteorites hit Earth around the time of Anna’s birth. It must be Anna and her grace. Now it is a matter of finding it. Ruby warns him not to get into the middle of it, that it is a battle they cannot win.

    Dean takes Pamela home and goes to check on Anna. He wants to know why she wanted to be human. She said she wanted to feel emotion and that being an angel is not all it appears. Only four angels have ever seen God and they are forced to believe on blind faith and are killed if they lose it. As Anna goes on a tangent, Dean laughs because he can relate to taking orders from a father he rarely saw. Sam interrupts and tells them they may have found her grace. They head to the place. Dean laughs as he looks into the rearview mirror and sees Anna and Ruby. An angel and a demon riding in the back seat. Dean thinks that it is either the set up to a bad joke or a penthouse forum. He always has his mind in the gutter! They arrive where her grace fell, but it is gone.

    What do they do next? Well, on Anna’s mind, this may be her last night on Earth, and she is with a hot guy. So she hits on Dean and they take care of business in the back seat of the Impala. While they are distracted, Ruby’s true colors come out as she summons Alistair. She wants to give them Anna if they leave her, Sam and Dean alone. Instead, Alistair takes her to torture her. And the whole torture scene I could have done without.

    Dean is dreaming and he dreams of Uriel. This is the only way he can reach Dean. He tells him that he has Anna’s grace and if they don’t give her up, they will send Dean back to hell. Dean tells him to. Uriel knows he is not bluffing, but knows he can get to him.

    Back at the barn, Castile and Urial arrive. Dean has lead them right to Anna. However, Anna realizes that they were either going to kill her or Sam. She is OK with this, and I suspect Dean has something up his sleeve. Suddenly the Alistair shows up with his goons and Ruby. A fight breaks out among the humans, angels and demons. Uriel takes care of Alistair’s guys, and Alistair is about to kill Castile until Dean stops him. During all the commotions, Anna is able to get her grace back as she yells, “Cover your eyes!” When she shows her true form, she kills Alistair and disappears.

    Sam and Dean celebrate the victory and it comes out how Dean knew Alistair. He was one who tortured Dean every day in hell for 30 of his 40 years there. Dean would be tortured and torn apart every day. The next morning he would wake up and live it all over again. Alistair asked him to join him, and after 30 years of torture, he agreed. Dean was ashamed of what he did.

    I thought this was a great episode but I could have used a little teaser of what is to come to satisfy me until January! What did YOU think about this episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments. See you in January!


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