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Heroes - Recap & Review - "The Eclipse – Part 1"

The Eclipse – Part 1

Original Air Date: 24 Nov 2008

Brittany – TwoCents Reviewer

What would happen if all of the people – good and bad – were suddenly stripped of their powers? That is the question for tonight’s episode that was supposed to be climatic, but I have to say, was mostly boring. Here’s what happened...

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  1. What would happen if all of the people – good and bad – were suddenly stripped of their powers? That is the question for tonight’s episode that was supposed to be climatic, but I have to say, was mostly boring. Here’s what happened...

    Arthur has been sketching pictures that include Elle and Sylar kissing, The Fly dying, and Claire being shot. He gives permission for Elle to work with Sylar to go get Claire and bring her back, so it’s probably safe to assume that he knows she’s the catalyst. Or at the very least, a really important person. Tracy calls him and tells him that Nathan and Peter have flown off to get the Haitian. Of course, Angela hears the tail end of the conversation and Tracy lies, saying Washington was calling. “There’s no rest for the wicked,” she says, and you can tell that Angela knows she’s full of crap.

    Elle and Sylar head out to find Claire, and while trying to rent a car, Elle reveals that she told the customer service clerk that Sylar was a serial killer and holding her hostage. Sure enough, the clerk comes out brandishing a gun, and Elle tells Sylar that first they try to make him bad, and then they try to make him good, so he needs to pick a side. She goes on to say that they can take whatever they want because they have powers. We don’t see what happens next, but they end up driving off in a convertible.

    Angela tells Claire that she has to lay low for a while and takes her to her father. Noah then takes Claire back to Vortex Guy’s house to hide her. She starts complaining that he really doesn’t care about keeping her safe; he’s just concerned because she’s the catalyst. Then he calls her a spoiled brat after pulling up some of the hardwood floor. He tells her to hit him with a board, and when she tries, he easily deflects her. He goes into training mode and as she goes after him again and again, she starts yelling that she hated how he always left her. She explains that she needs some air when Elle and Sylar walk in. An eclipse starts, and suddenly Elle and Sylar have no powers, so a brawl breaks out between Noah and Sylar. Elle goes for the gun to shoot, but Claire jumps in front of her father. When she doesn’t heal, Noah grabs her and takes off for home. He successfully performs surgery on her, but after he leaves she starts bleeding again and Sandra freaks out. Back at the Vortex house, Sylar gets his shoulder put back into socket by Elle. He says he likes not having powers, and then makes out with her. Outside, Noah has a sharp shooter aiming at Sylar's head.

    Nathan and Peter are flying to get the Haitian when the eclipse happens and Nathan falls out of the sky. They land on what looks like the island on LOST. Peter finds the coincidence in the eclipse and the loss of powers, but Nathan thinks the Haitian saw them coming and is blocking their powers. After they take a wrong turn in the jungle, the two of them start bickering about which one is the better person. Peter calls Nathan spineless and Nathan is basically like “well yeah, but you’re a nurse.” The Haitian appears and tells them that he’s not blocking their powers, but he can’t leave with them just yet. He has to find and stop his villain brother who has his own power: impenetrable skin. Before they can do that though, a guerrilla team bombards everyone. Peter and the Haitian run, but Nathan gives up, holding his hands above his head. The leader of the guerrilla team already knows all about him, because Arthur called the jungle to say his son might be showing up. They knock Nathan out while Peter and the Haitian continue to hide.

    The Fly is doing an autopsy on a dead body and is turning more and more into a freak of nature. Apparently he’s getting increasingly ill and his hands get all nasty and sticky. Just before the eclipse, he cocoons himself to a wall, but after the eclipse he emerges, and is suddenly free from the curse of The Fly. The first thing he does for some UNGODLY reason is look up Maya’s info. Thankfully, Arthur forces Mohinder to stay, using Flint as the muscle now that there are no powers to be had.

    Matt decides he has to find Hiro, not knowing that the guy thinks he’s ten again. Daphne is freaking out about having been a bad guy when Hiro and Ando conveniently show up at the door. Daphne takes off because she’s smart enough to realize that they’re all doomed. Matt reads her thoughts though, and together with Ando and Hiro, they teleport to Lawrence, Kansas, location of Daphne’s childhood home. As they approach the house, the eclipse happens, and when Matt tries to use his power on Daphne’s dad, it doesn’t work. He realizes he has no power, and Hiro tells him that part of a hero’s quest is to finish a task without using his powers. Matt finally gets inside of the house when her dad leaves, and Daphne says that she just didn’t want him to see her post eclipse: She’s wearing full leg and arm braces, barely able to get around. Meanwhile, Ando and Hiro go to a comic book store for the next issue of 9th Wonder, and making random cameos are Seth Green and Breckin Meyer.

    So, what did you think readers? Am I alone in feeling more than just a little underwhelmed? I’m not sure what I was expecting, but somehow, it wasn’t this. What do you think about Sylar and Elle now that she’s trying to get him to go bad? Do you wonder Claire’s same question: “Why is it always me?”? Send me an e-mail, or leave your Two Cents in the comments!

  2. best part of this (admittedly, boring) episode?
    seth fuckin' green.

    worst part?
    elle and sylar. i'm sorry, but i hate that. the thought alone is enough to make me gag. and it's not because she's trying to get him to go bad. it's just cause i hate her, period.

    also, hate daphne too.

    but yes, underwhelmed.


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