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Knight Rider - Recap & Review - Knight of the Hunter

Knight Rider
"Knight of the Hunter”

Original Air Date: Oct 22nd, 2008

EV - TwoCents Reviewer

The name’s Knight…Michael Knight. It’s James Bond meets Knight Rider. Woo! Seriously, it’s the combination of the best of two worlds (I’m a total Bond girl…) So, when I saw the commercials for this episode? Yeah.

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  1. Knight Rider
    "Knight of the Hunter”

    Original Air Date: Oct 22nd, 2008

    EV - TwoCents Reviewer

    The name’s Knight…Michael Knight. It’s James Bond meets Knight Rider. Woo! Seriously, it’s the combination of the best of two worlds (I’m a total Bond girl…) So, when I saw the commercials for this episode? Yeah.

    So, KITT and Mike are sent to infiltrate extremist Walt Cooperton and compound. They find Cooperton’s lieutenant, Moss, and a couple of other goonies at a little shop, and Mike confronts them. After being all tough guy with them, letting them know he’s a Marine and is looking for Cooperton, Mike and KITT tick these guys off even further by chasing him through the back country (KITT’s in truck mode for this.). They and a few other Hummer’s full of guys surround KITT and take Mike in. Which is what he wants, because now they take him to the compound. There, Mike has the stuffing beat out of him, along with a little dose of water torture…administered by a hard-ass little chick.

    Cooperton himself comes in…huh? Miss. Chicky is his gal? (that figures…). He likes Mike’s toughness and wants to talk. He reviews Mike’s faked military resume and seems to like what he sees…and hears. Mike pours on the “I’m ready to get this country back to where it should be” act…which completely makes him part of the operation.

    KITT, who is still in truck mode, becomes Mike’s eyes and ears, while Mike has another little run-in with Miss Priss. They fight a bit, ultimately Mike “wins” and continues on his infiltration, while she continues to wonder who the hell Mike really is.

    With KITT’s help, Mike sneaks into Cooperton’s tent, hacks into his computer and downloads his files off his computer and just basically checks things out. He has REALLY good taste in wine, owns Armani suits and a nice Rolex watch. Mike doesn’t like that that kind of taste doesn’t connect with Cooperton’s extremism and stores his doubts for later.

    KITT picks up a large chemical fingerprint of explosives and Mike checks it out. The trace is coming from a huge truck, but when Mike gets into the back of it…there’s nothing there. So, whatever WAS in there, it must have been really big to leave such a trace. And then…guess who shows up? Miss Priss in all her bad-ass glory.

    So, they tussle, ultimately coming up with their respective guns in hand, pointing them at each other. Turns out…that Miss Priss, is actually an MI6 agent, Cassandra Bilkes and she’s been infiltrating Cooperton for a long time.

    Mike’s at incredulous at first, I mean, MI6 is…well James Bond-ish. That makes her…Jane Bond? Cooperton and Moss hear all of this, via video feed and needless to say, Cooperton wants them both dead and Moss goes off to take care of it.

    KITT alerts them to the approaching men and Mike takes Cassandra with him. However, while amidst transformation in to his more speed efficient, normal mode, KITT runs over a mine in the road leading out of the compound and is thrown through the air; his systems are badly damaged and he ends up stuck in a ditch, functioning, but battered. Cry…

    Cooperton and his buddies are coming fast and Mike is urged to leave KITT and get himself and Cassandra out of there. In a very touching moment, Mike says he’s not going to leave KITT alone and hurt. KITT reassures him and tells him to go and head toward the river, southward.

    Well, this “river” is actually a churning run with sharp rocks and a crazy steepness to it…and Mike and Cassandra have to get down and over to the bank and down into a clearing, where they will be picked up. That means…JUMP!

    After the crazy jump, they get to the other side. Cassandra is a little banged up and both of them are suffering from acute hypothermia and need to find warmth. So, they take off their wet clothes…and hug each other…both are naked, mind you.

    You know how it goes…one things to another and…yeah. Back at the KittCave, Sarah and Co. are concerned about Mike and ask KITT if he can get a thermal read on them. KITT can, his systems are coming back, but he tries to warn that the images aren’t exactly what she’d want to see. Sarah insist…and ouch. That one hurts.

    Later on, the two make their way to the clearing, where a dirty, but functioning and normal-mode KITT picks them up. Cassandra calls KITT a tinker toy for some reason…which prompts Mike to defend him with, “He’s a Mustang, an American icon!”
    Wait…where’re Cooperton and his men? THEY…are currently heading to the Roosevelt Memorial Dam, planning on blowing up with the huge bomb they have. Mike employs some daredevil moves, (jumps onto the moving truck..) and along with Billy’s help, diffuses the bomb. But, here’s the kicker. The bomb was just the diversion. And Cooperton and Moss? International mercenaries/bank robbers wanted by Interpool. They were just using the extremist to do their real job: robbing the Federal Reserve of two hundred million dollars in new gold. It would be the biggest back heist ever.

    Chyeah, but not when Mike and KITT around. Mike and KITT get right in the middle and stop Cooperton and Moss. Exactly, it was KITT. Mike told him to show off his “dance moves”…AKA his Attack Mode. Go KITT!

    Cassandra says her thanks and goodbyes…and back at the KittCave, Sarah, who is still hurt by the video and planning on spending her birthday alone, learns from KITT that NOTHING happened between Mike and Cassandra when they were together. Yay!
    Mike calls Sarah down, they celebrate her birthday…with an nice little joy ride with KITT. Happy endings!

    So, amazing episode. Each week this show gets better and better. One thing I liked…was the very open fact that KITT and Mike’s bond is growing in leaps and bounds. They’re becoming brothers. My TwoCents? Yours?


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