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How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review - Intervention

How I Met Your Mother


Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2008

Rachel – TwoCents Senior Staff Writer


Everything is changing: Ted is moving in with Stella in New Jersey, Marshall and Lilly are moving to the expensive money-pit of an apartment in Dowisetrepla, Robin is taking a job in Japan, and Barney… well, he’s pretty much the same. Except for the whole continually-dressing-up-in-old-man-make-up thing.

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  1. While packing up to move off in different directions, the gang reminisces about their lives in the apartment. Oh, the fun they have had: fires, holes in walls, renaissance fairs, interventions. It is the latter that causes the packing to come to a screeching halt: Ted finds out that the group was planning to stage an intervention to talk him out of marrying Stella. In their defense, this was before they got to know her and before they saw how in love Ted was.

    The damage was done, though, and Ted forces them to voice the concerns they had once had about Stella. In a nutshell, they felt Ted was moving to fast both into a marriage and into the role of a father to a seven-year-old. As they tell him of their concerns, the continually preface it with the fact that they do not feel that way anymore. Unfortunately, the delayed intervention works. Ted decides to unpack and stay: he’s not ready for this whole life change. And, hey, while he’s chickening out, why not everyone else? Marshall and Lilly decide to stay and Robin decides to turn down the gig in Japan.

    Later at the bar, Ted realizes that they all need to decide to either get on with their lives or desperately cling to their past. They all decide to more forward and to come back to the bar in one year to celebrate the anniversary of the day they closed an incredible chapter in their lives and opened new ones by toasting an expensive bottle of scotch..

    Flash-forward one year. The gang is toasting that $2,500 bottle of scotch. Have things changed? Have they not? A few things I noticed: Lilly doesn’t drink the scotch… maybe she’s pregnant? And Ted did not have on a wedding ring. Then what do they do? They move the party upstairs to the apartment. Hmmmm…

    My favorite moment: When, in a flashback, Robin goes all “Super Canadian.”

    What do YOU think? What is your fondest memory in your current home? Do French women “count”? What changed in the gang’s year before the scotch? What didn’t? Give us your Two Cents… We’ll put it in that scotch fund.

    Next Week: Shelter Island

  2. Nope, the French girl doesn't count (Sorry Barney).

    I did love them reliving all the wounds of the apartment ~ my last single apartment had a lot of those "Well this one night ..." wounds. Those were the best stories!

    I noticed the ring thing & had to rewind to double check the not-drinking part at the end .... I'm wondering what would have happened to bring back the apartment. I'm hoping they don't write Stella off though, I like Sara Chalk on this show! If they won't bring Scrubs back, at least I can see her here!

  3. I love Sarah Chalke, too. Such great comedic timing! I hope she sticks around for a while.

    My mother-in-law's house has a nice dent in the drywall from my then 2-year-old son's head (a result of a rowdy game of hallway soccer with his uncle). She says she'll never repair it. :)

    At the end of the episode, I also noticed Robin with a gold band on her right ring finger... does anyone know what hand those wacky Canadians wear their wedding rings on?

  4. Ok so this is what I'm confused about. DO you guys think they'll stay in the 2009 future like the end said when they were drinking the scotches? Or was that just a glimpse and they'll go back to 2008? Because if they stick with 2009 they pretty much now have to decide if Stella's the mother because wouldn't she and Ted technically be married at that point?

  5. I don't think they'll stay in 2009... They have jumped ahead before but always returned to present day. I think now the episodes will focus on the "things that changed and things that didn't" during the year.


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