Thursday, September 25, 2008

TwoCents & Five Questions with...

...Amy Ryan and Paul Lieberstein.

Paul and Amy took a moment of their busy schedule to talk about the upcoming season and provide a little glimpse in to what might be in store for their characters, Toby and Holly. Be sure to watch the one hour season premiere titled, "Weight Loss," tonight at 9:00 PM EST on NBC!

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Any guesses on what will happen this first episode? Please share your TwoCents with us! Check back tomorrow for the Recap & Review of tonight's episode!

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  1. Q: How did it work out that you (Amy) got this part? Was it as simple as them reaching out to you and you wanting to do it?

    Amy Ryan: I think there were a few things in play. One is I knew Paul Lieberstein many years ago from a television show we both worked on called The Naked Truth. And then most of the writers turned out to be fans of The Wire.

    And then I had briefly known Steve Carell when we shot the film Dan in Real Life. And then I got nominated for an Oscar and I asked my agent and manager, “You know, the one job I’d like that I don’t think I’d get if I weren’t nominated, I want to be on The Office.”

    And so some people thought all laughed at me when I told them that story, but they said I shot too low. But I disagree. I think that’s one of the best shows on TV.

    Q: Is there a fixed number of episodes that you’re going to be doing or is there the possibility that you might stay longer?

    Amy: I finished my initial agreement of the six episodes. But you never say never. I don’t have any plans at this moment to head back.

    Q: So what can we expect this season in the relationships between Holly and Kevin, and Holly and Michael?

    Amy: Well, Holly and Kevin is probably a little bit more a misunderstanding. You know her misunderstanding that he’s mentioned a handicap that sort of shows its truth pretty soon.

    And with Michael and Holly, I think that it gives us all hope that there’s a lid for every pot or I like to say there’s a lid for every cracked pot out there. Everyone has a chance at some form of love.

    Q: Paul, I’m assuming Toby is going to come back eventually so is it his love for Pam that brings him back?

    Paul Lieberstein: I think what brings him back is failure to escape. There was a friend of mine who’s actually one of the writers here that decided, maybe about ten years ago, to collect enough money to live poor in Hawaii and he was going to just do it and surf because he loves to surf.

    And he had made a big deal of it, had a going away party and he was back in two weeks because he was lonely. Nobody talked to him. He was robbed on the beach and that was it. So that was our model.

    TTC: Paul, if you could choose an exciting story for Toby to tell to Pam to impress her when he returns, what would it be?

    Paul: Maybe the time his camera was stolen by a monkey or the time he was attacked by a monkey in Costa Rica, or the time when a monkey took his wallet. Probably one of those three.

    TTC: So obviously Toby would have some kind of trouble with a small animal, right?

    Paul: (Laughing) Yeah. Somebody is picking on him is the theme.

    TTC: Somebody with the similar intelligence of Michael Scott.

    Paul: Yes. (Laughing)

    TTC: Okay. Well thank you both for your time.

    Paul: Thanks.

    Amy: Thank you.


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