Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Ugly Betty Scoop

In a recent interview with Ugly Betty producer Silvio Horta, we find out a little bit more of what is in store for the rest of season 2 and going into season 3. Horta states how there were just too many storylines going on sometimes and that he would like to get back to the basics like in season 1. He also talks about how the move to New York has everyone excited, some more than others.

"They’re all moving, they’re all excited, some more than others,” Horta said of the cast’s reaction, who noted that the news of the move was “a lot to process.” “People who have families -- it’s a little more difficult. But by and large, they’re excited about it.”

The move to New York City will make it easier to shoot scenes in Betty’s Queens neighborhood as well as any number of memorable New York locations (a horse-drawn carriage ride in a recent episode certainly would have looked a lot better in the real Central Park).

“The move will allow us to use the city more and to use the city in that very romantic, ‘Sex and the City’ way. That was my goal from the get-go, to capture that,” added Horta, who noted that the show’s exuberant pilot was shot in the Big Apple.

He also mentions some spoilerish tid-bits that if you would like to read is in the the article HERE.

Well what do you think...give me your 2cents. Do you like the way the show is going?

-Karen, TwoCents Reviewer

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