Thursday, May 15, 2008

NEW Exclusive SBO Office Interview

Recently we were able to chat with Jackie Debatin who Office fans know and love as "Elizabeth the Stripper" from the "Ben Franklin" and "Fun Run" episodes of "The Office".

To help us celebrate tonight's Office season four finale, Jackie has agreed to share a little about herself, her character and what's coming up next.


ScrantonBranchOffice: Could you tell our readers about yourself and how you started in "show biz"?
Jackie Debatin: I'm orginally from Southern Illinois, and moved out to LA in 1992...I knew one casting director, that a professor of mine introduced me to...Looking back now, I'd say it was a crazy move....I had studied theater in college and knew I wanted to be an actress...It took a long time to get things going honestly....I just got little bit parts here and there, and keep it going...I also run my own Accounting company here in LA, so that keeps the money rolling in when acting is slow...which was of course so funny when they had Dwight ask me to answer phones in the "accounting" dept in THE OFFICE...

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