Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"The Biggest Loser Twist" and the Trainers' TwoCents

Tonight’s two-hour Biggest Loser episode is the last one before the finale. The finalists are Ali, Kelly, Mark, and Roger. We will find out which two contestants will fall below the “yellow” line to possibly be eliminated. The big twist is that America will vote on who the third finalist will be. Tune in tonight and vote. Who do you think will win it all?

Last week, we had the opportunity to ask some questions of The Biggest Loser trainers, Bob and Jillian, as well as Executive Producer, Mark Koops.

Click here to read their TwoCents.


  1. TheTwoCents: How are you all doing today?

    Jillian Michaels: Good, thanks.

    Bob Harper: Great, thanks.

    TTC: Great. The show has used some different formats: individuals, couples, and families. Bob and Jillian, which do each of you enjoy the most?

    Jillian: I’ll start. I personally like to work with individuals. I do appreciate the fact that you need to help the contestants work on their interpersonal relationships and deal with their codependency, and their unhealthy behavioral patterns within the context of their relationships. But as the game began to dwindle down and family members began to go home, I’ll speak for myself, but it allows me to work one-on-one with them and they don’t have the security blanket, they don’t have that person to run to - that comfort zone.

    I like for them to be uncomfortable. I like for them to be vulnerable and raw. And to me it helps them open up and it helps them become a new person, which is hard to do when you define yourself within the terms of your relationship. So I like working single.

    Bob: I agree. I like working singles, too. I mean, there was an example on the show when the brothers -- Mark and Jay -- when they finally separated at one point, you really saw Jay kind of flourish. So it just seemed like he wasn’t in the shadow of his brother.

    The couples really do, and families, bring in their own relationships and how they interact with their families or their loved ones. So when I get a chance to work with them one-on-one, it just seems like we can cover a lot of ground.

    Mark Koops: That’s why as the producer I like when they're couples because it pushes Bob and Jillian. The results obviously this season here speak for themselves.

    I think it will fluctuate between doing shows with relationships and singles. I think it’s continually looking to push the trainers -- both Bob and Jillian -- to take them outside their comfort zone right from the start. This way it challenges Bob and Jillian to break down those bad bonds or those bad relationships that have caused this problem.

    That’s what led to such compelling television as we go between Bette-Sue and Ali or Dan and Jackie, the mother/son relationship. It really sort of exposes what a lot of families go through in terms of these issues.

    TTC: Mark, do you have any ideas that you could share with us that might go beyond the individuals, couples, families - a new format for the show?

    Mark: We’re always looking to try new things within the brand. The next cycle is going to be families. We’re going to continue to explore that - the family dynamic that we saw with the brothers this year -- Mark and Jay -- in terms of Jay, who has lived in the shadow of his brother for 30 years, come out of it during this process. We’re looking to continue to explore that in the next cycle. We’ll keep changing it up on these guys to keep them on their toes.

    TTC: Bob and Jillian, if I could ask a quick personal question. You know, we see your regimen working out and dieting, and things like that. I think something that our Web site would like to display is, “What do Bob and Jillian like to watch on TV?”

    Bob: Can I answer for Jillian first? Jill only watches the Discovery Channel and Informative while I am watching American Idol and Lost. And Battlestar Galactica starts tonight.

    Jillian: Well he’s right until he gets me hooked on that crap. And then I lose like months of my life to Dexter or Lost.

    Bob: She really tries to reject it wholeheartedly. She’s like, “I only watch the Discovery Channel.” I’m tell her, “Jillian, come on. Watch Idol with me.” She won’t watch Idol.

    Jillian: I will not watch Idol. It is the worst show on TV. I just feel it’s like bad karaoke. I have tried and I’ve tried, and I’ve tried. But Lost and Dexter - you’ve got me sold.

    Mark: I told you guys the answer would be The Office and American Gladiators.

    TTC: Well, thank you all for your time.

    All: Sure. Thank you.

  2. Um, YAY. Brandi & I were literally on the edge of the couch gasping & screaming when we realized that TWO WOMEN were in the final 3. SOOOOO HAPPY. Jillian's face was priceless. She is my favorite.


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