Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Scrubs Scuttlebutt...

According to the Scrubs Facebook Page

The ABC network has expressed its interest in acquiring Scrubs for next season, which could mean a battle with NBC, the current home of the comedy. ABC plans to produce an 18-episode season of Scrubs for the new season, but NBC claims it still has exclusive negotiations pending about the show's future. Scrubs finished filming 12 episodes before the recent writers' strike. Seven have already aired, and the remaining five will be shown beginning in April.

So, kids, what do you think? If this season ends with all loose ends tied up nicely, a trip to a different network with a new season might be overkill. Although the prospect of seeing the gang for at least another year is nice, would it be worth it? We all remember Joey don’t we?

Tune in Thursday for another post-strike episode! Yay!

Rachel - TwoCents Staff Writer

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