Monday, April 28, 2008

"Scrubs" Silently Switching?

Many fans still love "Scrubs" it just seems that NBC doesn't LOVE love Scrubs anymore. So, ABC has stepped up to show how much they care.

The long rumored move from NBC to ABC of "Scrubs" seems a reality, but NBC and ABC are doing it very quietly for some reason.

The Hollywood Reporter has this to say:

"The network's final "Scrubs" episode airs next week, concluding its run with the network after seven seasons. But you'd never know it from watching NBC or perusing the entertainment media.

At the conclusion of what was the comedy's third-to-last episode on NBC on Thursday, viewers were simply urged to check out the show's interactive features on The usual array of creator and cast interviews that usually accompany the final episodes of a concluding series are likewise largely absent.

The super low-key exit for "Scrubs" is tied to what's become the worst-kept secret in Hollywood: that the veteran comedy is moving to ABC. The long-pending deal for ABC to pick up 18 episodes of "Scrubs" for next season is effectively, pretty much, essentially, done."

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  1. I love the show, don't get me wrong, but I'm a bit worried about this. They have been tying up this season nicely thinking it was the end... I'm afraid a new season would be a bit of shark-jumping. But, hey, Buffy had STELLAR seasons after a network switch, so maybe Scrubs can, too.


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