Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Conspiracy Theory or Just Plain Paula?

During last night’s episode of American Idol, Paula made a big faux pas: She reviewed Jason Castro’s second song… before he sang it. Here are the theories floating around the Internet this morning:

1. According to Ms. Abdul, she was talking about David Cook’s first song (the second to sing) and just got her notes mixed up.

2. She has fallen off some sort of wagon (or perhaps a turnip truck).

3. She saw the dress rehearsal and mistakenly served up some critiques from those performances.

4. It is all a conspiracy: the producers feed the judges and it doesn’t matter how the Idols sing. It is all scripted.

What do YOU think? Any conspiracy theories of your own? Tell us your Two Cents… we’ll use it to get Paula some help.

-Rachel, TwoCents Staff Writer


  1. I want to vote for "scripted" but I just can't believe someone out there would put "Let all your colors show through your aura" down on paper with a straight face.

    So, my real vote is for "saw the dress rehearsal".

  2. Fell off of something, never recovered. . . . Why does anything Paula says surprise anyone? What's odd, too, is that she said she was referring to David Cook's song, but then gave him a favorable review.

  3. I'm voting scripted, simply because in the same breath she called Jason's phantom performance 'boring', she said that David Cook was her favorite - when she was supposedly reading her comments for David when she critiqued Jason the second time.


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