Friday, March 28, 2008

Prison Break Resurrection!

Now, don't lose your head - apparently SHE didn't...

TwoCents Staff Writer Shannon sent in this little Prison Break tidbit from E!'s Kristin:

"The voices of you, the fans, have been heard: Prison Break is bringing back our beloved Dr. Sara Tancredi, Sarah Wayne Callies, as a regular character for season four! Whoo-hoo!

Updated! Just chatted with Prison Break executive producer Matt Olmstead and, miracle of miracles, not only is Sara back in the mix, it sounds like Michael Scofield might finally get some satisfaction!

You may be asking the obvious question, i.e., "How? How will Sara return when she doesn't have a freaking head?!" Well, Olmstead makes it clear that isn't Sara's head after all, and she's been alive, although not necessarily well, this whole time."

Read more about this HERE.

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