Monday, January 7, 2008

TwoCents Poll - We NEED Your Input!

Hello folks,

We at want to know what the fans watch on TV.

So, weekly we would like to ask you questions so we can start rating
current television programs.

Simply tell us your top 5 favorite:
1-5 (1 being favorite)

Shows you currently watch on tv. (They can be cable, network,
reality, etc.)

Top 5 TV characters currently on TV.

Top 5 TV actors/personalities currently on TV.

Simply leave a comment, or email us at

Every vote counts

Spread the word to all your friends. Every vote makes for better data!


  1. On showtime:
    1. Weeds
    2. Tudors

    Online tv stuff:
    3. bones
    5. dirty sexy money
    4. life

  2. Shows
    1 The Wire
    2 Lost
    3 Mad Men
    4 Damages
    5 It's Always Sunny in Philadephia

    1 Omar (The Wire)
    2 John Locke (Lost)
    3 House (House)
    4 Barney (How I Met Your Mother)
    5a Charlie (It's Always Sunny)
    5b Brian (Dirty Sexy Money)

    1 Who cares?
    2 Not me
    3 Just play
    4 Your role
    5 And don't lecture me on Tibet


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