Monday, January 14, 2008

Strike Casualties

Ok, we know Sarah Connors Chronicles just started, Carpoolers has 7 episodes still to show and Lost is just about to get going. But what about the shows we've been watching since September?

I hope you're sitting down. Here's a list, compiled from

Shows that are already out of new episodes (we miss you already):
30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Bionic Woman, CSI, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, My Name is Earl, The Office, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, The Unit.

Shows with ONE episode remaining (savor the flavor):
Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, Moonlight, NCIS, NUMB3RS, Shark, Without A Trace

2-4 Episodes (still worth setting DVR):
Back to You, Bones, Boston Legal, Brothers and Sisters, Chuck, CSI: NY, Dirty Sexy Money, ER, House, Law & Order SVU, Life is Wild, Reaper, Samantha Who?, Supernatural, Ugly Betty

5-7 Episodes (we can get some enjoyment out of this):
Aliens in America, Carpoolers, Cavemen, Friday Night Lights, Jericho, Las Vegas, Nip/Tuck, Prison Break, Scrubs, Smallville

8+ (I hope these are good, I can't watch any more reality):
Greek, Lost, Medium, Men in Trees, New Adventures of Old Christine, One Tree Hill, The Shield, Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles

What will you miss the most if we don't get this resolved soon?

The good news - George Clooney is supposedly getting together a high powered team including Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks to get the talks rolling and resolved.

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