Monday, December 3, 2007

WGA Strike Feedback - Part 2

While the WGA Writers continue to strike we have received some more feedback from friends we've made on the TV acting front. We've asked them what they miss, any ideas they have or what they are doing to keep their morale up while waiting for work to start again and here is what they had to say!

Craig Anton
(Actor: "Phil of the Future", "Tom Goes To The Mayor")

"What do I miss most from the work stoppage?
A: I miss hearing the lies my agent and managers used to tell me after I would ask them why I wasn't going out on auditions.
"Well, it's very slow right now."
"We just submitted you for an M.O.W.!"
"The hour drama's are just starting to come in and then the half-hour's will follow."
"You know I was in the hospital right?"
"Gary Mann loves you!"

Utopian Idea:
The federal government steps in and stops all reality programming. They announce studies that show reality programming being the major contribution to the Dumbing Down of America. Anyone producing a reality show will be put to death, live on FOX of course.
All talent and writers will be compensated retroactively for work they've done on cable & DVD for the last 20 years.

I continue to follow my creative spirit and perform live 3-4 times a week; theater, standup, sketch and rock and roll.
I also began teaching years ago-"

-Craig Anton

Marcus A. York
(Actor: "The Office", "CSI:NY")

"I miss trying to get writers to write against-stereotype for a performer with a, instead, allow a wheelchair-user to be a series regular who also works, loves, struggles, etc., like able-bodied individuals. To combat (only) writing a wheelchair-user as a Guest-Star to 'drop-in' for a brief stereotypical "joke" or two...(just for the sake of 'using him/her' for a joke or two).
I keep my morale up by eating chocolate, writing my own projects, shooting one of my Documentaries, and continuing to host two Australian film makers (of Chinese descent) as they continue their pitch of their project with a male Asian lead in their romantic comedy, "The Pick-up Artist."
***And, of course, supporitng the strike in a variety of ways.
Thanks for asking!"

-Marcus A. York

Christopher T. Wood
(Actor: "The Office", "ER")

"How do I keep my morale up? Knowing that right now I am as employed as every other actor out there."

-Christopher T. Wood

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