Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Launch!

We've retooled and revamped our "Office" specific site!!

New look, new content, new menus, and a new web address!

We hope you will become a big fan of our Scranton Branch Office!

Discuss episodes, news about the show/characters/actors, and all kinds of Office type story lines.

Want interviews? We have those too! We've chatted with people including Craig Robinson (Darryl), Melora Hardin (Jan), Brian Baumgartner (Kevin), Angela Kinsey (Angela) and more!

So, go visit and bookmark!!

First order of business? We need to discuss the lack of a NEW Christmas Episode!

How do you feel about not getting to view a NEW Office Christmas Episode this year? What do you think Jim would have gotten Pam or Pam would have gotten Jim? Would Angela have bought a gift for Dwight? What carol would Andy serenade Angela with? How about Jan and Michael? Did they make it to Christmas?

Head over to and let's start talking about it!

Yours in Dundermania,

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