Thursday, December 27, 2007

TwoCents & Five Questions With...

... Ryan Seacrest, Television Host

You've heard him host the top 40 on the radio. You've seen him host American Idol. You've seen him host the Emmy Awards. You've seen him co-host ABC's Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve.

And now Ryan Seacrest, the man with 1000 jobs, found a few minutes to talk with TheTwoCents to chat about American Idol and New Years Rockin' Eve.


TwoCents: Hey, Ryan. How are you doing?
Ryan Seacrest: Good man, how are you?
TwoCents: Good thanks.

TwoCents: Everyone grew up watching Dick Clark on Rockin’ Eve and then you get asked to kind of fill in and go co-host with him. What were some of your memories watching it growing up?
RS: I could never figure out why he wore those obnoxious headphones. But now, I know. Because you can’t hear yourself think in the middle of Times Square. I used to look forward to that night. It was, you know, the biggest party of the year. And no matter where you were, if you were at home or you were out at a party somewhere, it just made you feel that you were a part of that event in Times Square. And I think that’s what he did so brilliantly for so many years. He still does it. He makes us feel like we are there, like we are connected to the million people in Times Square.

TwoCents: What were some of your best memories since you’ve been able to be a part of it?
RS: Since I’ve come on board I think that we’ve added more fun and energy to this show with these live performances in the middle of Times Square. So, you’ve got the event, the action, the backdrop, the ball, and, now, some of the biggest stars each and every year performing live.

TC: American Idol is a piece of Americana and Ryan, you were with American Idol when it started. Was there a time, when the show started, when you really kind of looked around and said, “Wow! I’m a part of this”?
RS: I think there was, to be honest with you, there was a fear when I first started the show because it had been a hit in Europe but we didn’t quite know what it was really going to evolve into in the US. And I did everything that I was told to do and, you know, I hosted the show more of like a robot than actually a host.

What I realized, after the show was on for a season, was that, you’ve got to just watch what’s happening in that arena, listen to what everybody’s saying, and react. And that is how, you now, I try and lead the show. But preparing too much, to be honest with you, and planning for a show like that doesn’t help. You’ve got to be able to react.

TC: Is it the same for Rockin' Eve?
RS: It’s like a sporting event in Times Square. You’ve got to be able to react like it’s a sporting event. That’s one of the things that I’ve learned.

TC: Great. Thanks for your time.
RS: Thank you.

We can't thank Ryan Seacrest enough for spending some time with us during this busy time of year. You can catch him with Dick Clark on ABC on New Years Eve starting at 10pm and American Idol kicks off on FOX on Tuesday January 15, 2008.

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