Thursday, December 20, 2007

Clash of the Choirs Finale - Live Blog & Results!

TwoCents Staff Writers, NP and RP are currently in the audience for tonight's two-hour finale of Clash of the Choirs. Check back as they update throughout the evening with info you may only see here!

7:08PM - Arrived at the studio. We've spotted Blake Shelton's tourbus parked out front.

8:10PM - Fun little Christmas medley by all the choirs, even those already voted off.

8:20PM - Team Blake sang "Celebration" then we got to watch Maria attempt to make it up the steps with her gown.

8:34PM - It seems there is more crying in this than all episodes of Home Makeover combined.

8:46PM - Aww, Nick is crying.

8:52PM - Tracey Morgan is in the house. Promoting a new movie.

9:00PM - Kelly was out in the crowd, but not near us! Boo.

9:06PM - Wish they would have worn those wigs as they performed it tonight.

9:29PM - It's amazing how they find these great stories among these choirs.

9:47PM - Third place goes to Team Shelton.

9:50PM - Every one of the 4 bottom choirs will get $50,000 from GE for the charities. That's great!

9:58PM - And the winning choir is.... Team Lachey! The place is going insane! INSANE!!!

- Post Show Updates -

10:11PM - Nick is on the stage with everyone's families. They are all crying.

10:16PM - Maria is on the floor doing meet and greet with the audience.

10:20PM - Everyone has spilled into the lobby and are meeting everyone else.

10:23PM - The majority of the audience seems to be family of choir members.

10:26PM - This studio has history in film. My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Producers and Inside Man were some movies that have been filmed here.

[Photo: Virginia Sherwood /NBC]


  1. Thanks for the synopsis! I'm on the west coast and missed the beginning and as much as I enjoy the show, too tired from work and shopping to stay up to watch the full finale.

  2. I watched part of this show once and it's another bad show. It was absolutely unbearable. Besides, Patti LaBelle cannot sing.


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