Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some WGA Strike News

Jon G, our West Coast Correspondent, has passed on the following information.

News from the WGA strike western front. The letter below was posted on the WGA website from Patric M. Verrone, President, WGA West.


"Our membership support is extraordinarily solid. Over 125 showrunners picketed Wednesday at Disney and an ad featuring some 400 screenwriters (including some of the biggest names in the business) will appear in Thursday's Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Members have come from as far away as Amsterdam to picket and we have received e-mails of encouragement from all over the world including writers in India and Afghanistan."

"Finally, I'd like to address a concern that, spoken aloud or not, is on the minds of everyone. We are not currently at the bargaining table and people want to know when we will return. Before I answer let me remind everyone that it was nearly four months between the time we put our proposals on the table in July and the first time we had a single counter proposal from the AMPTP on new media issues. The companies sought to get us to bargain against ourselves in that time. Thanks to the resolve and patience of our negotiation committee, we did not. The last move made on Sunday was our presentation of a comprehensive package. It is up to the companies to respond to that package. When they indicate that they are ready to do so, we will return to the bargaining table as soon as possible."

You can read the whole thing HERE.

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