Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Scrubs" Proposal!

Take it easy, it's not any of the main characters. NBC just sent me this clip of two crew members, named Ted and Anna getting engaged. They had all kinds of help from Zach Braff and John C. McGinley and the crew. It's really a great moment caught on tape.

Here is what Anna had to say about the day:
Ted and I met on the show during Season 5 our first kiss was at the 100th episode party (aaaaaw!). I had no idea that he was even shopping for a ring, let alone planning an elaborate proposal. I guess he'd been working with Producer Randall Winston, (who, by the way is ordained and will be marrying us!) Liz, Bill Lawrence via Eren, and my boss, sound mixer Joe Foglia (who just won the Emmy for My Musical!) and all sorts of Scrubians for weeks to coordinate with Zach and Donald who immediately agreed to participate. Ted wrote the scene, but at the last minute, our schedule changed requiring Ted to re-write the whole thing for Zach and Johnny C. who was so sweet to jump right in. He memorized that entire rant! Joe arranged for me to boom operate in order to have me really close to the actors and the camera. I had no clue what was going, though I did wonder why the entire crew was gathered around for this seemingly innocuous last shot of the night. There were a million little clues that looking back I can't believe I didn't fit together (it was even my birthday!). And I guess one of the electricians nearly ruined the entire thing because he saw Ted sneak in and said loudly, "What's Ted doing here in a suit? Is he finally proposing to Anna?" Kim, our hairstylist apparently smacked him. Hard. So we roll, and I'm listening trying to figure out how this scene fits into the episode. Then Johnny C. said "It's obvious what's wrong with him, he's in love" and I knew something crazy was about to happen. My stomach went inside out and everything went white. I remember Ted coming out with such a serious look on his face, holding that little box and I just thought Oh My God...The next thing I knew the crew was cheering, I had a beautiful ring on my finger, and everyone was giving me hugs. I have never been so shocked! Having it on film is the most wonderful thing these guys could have ever done. I was able to share it with our families and now the entire world. Best of all? I get to marry Ted!!! He's unbelievable. We're shooting for late summer '08.

Here's how Ted came up with the idea:
Ted said he wanted to come up with something totally unique and since we met on SCRUBS it was kind of a natural progression. we're lucky enough to work on a show that is a very close knit family. Where else could you go to the producers and actors with an idea like this and have them behind you 100%? To be able to propose in front of our closest friends and have it on film just made perfect sense.

Congrats to Anna and Ted!

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