Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"Weeds" Recap & Review - "

“The Two Mrs. Scottsons”

Original Air Date: October 1, 2007

Maty - TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

This week “Little Boxes” was performed by Man Man.

Here we go. Peter Scottsons’ partner has reported to his superior that Peter’s body was found with a bullet hole in his head. Instead of being concerned about solving the case of Peter’s death, he tells a tale of money laundering, skimming, and evidence planting that Peter and his partner were running. It turns out that the bullet has prevented the truth from coming out and now the department can avoid a scandal, but the case is closed. And before Peter’s partner is going to take early retirement he is to round up whatever money he can from his extra curricular activities.

Nancy goes to the funeral and sees Peter’s other family. Something will come of this I imagine. After the funeral Nancy goes to see Heylia to tell her that her debt has been paid and Marvin won’t be coming around anymore. Nancy then tries to make a buy. Heylia tells her to come back with more money.

Back at home Nancy runs into Doug who is doing the cooking for Andy while he’s catering the porno set. Nancy ask Doug for a loan, but he can’t do it without creating a something or other. Nancy tells him to do it. It’s then that she learns Shane and Isabelle are hanging out, because they have been suspended from summer school for not loving Jesus enough. They have been given time for reflection. For some reason Nancy decides to take in interest in the other Mrs. Scottson.

Jump to the porn set. Andy tells the director he’s an artist just to get him in a good mood to hit him with the idea that he wants to be in porn. The director tells him he needs something special to get in the business. Magically Andy becomes the Foot F%@#ker. And in a series of films Andy becomes the delivery man, the bell hop and the Mexican gardening Foot F%@#ker.

Back in Agrestic, Shane and Isabelle are trying pot for the first time. Shane learns that Isabelle knows what her mom does. She promises not to tell and lets Shane feel his first boob. What pot can lead too.

Then Nancy starts following the other Mrs. Scottsman and sees how difficult her life is while she deals with her awful angry son.

Cut to Celia standing in front of the mirror looking at herself naked. Because of her breast cancer she had a breast removed and replaced. The scars on her breast are the reason she has been so reluctant to get in bed with Sullivan. He later tells her he doesn’t care. He takes boner pills. Nothing is what it seems, but they do have a connection and that is important.

Now back on the porno set, Andy has been working all day and is then asked to go back to heating up the food. This hurts his feelings. He announces to the whole set “You know I have always stood up for pornography. I believed in it. I thought it provided an essential service. Light up a young persons imagination. Help a sexless marriage. Keep a predator off the street! I thought porn was magical. Now I see it for what it really is. It is a flesh factory and we are all slabs of meat. Lex here is not an unbelievably enormous d%#k. And I’m not a foot. We’re human beings. I gave you my something special, and you ate it.... You need to do some soul searching my friends. This whole industry does. It exploits, it dehumanizes, it degrades men”. Silence, then everybody back to work.

While Andy is preaching the values lost of a great industry Nancy has decided to pay a visit to the other Mrs. Scottson at her work. So Nancy has to get a mammogram in order to talk to the other wife. It turns out that the other Mrs. Scottson knows who she is and wants to know why she’s been stalking her.

This episode was mostly filler. They are moving different stories along in hopes of leading to something. It’s tough to have filler episodes in a half hour format, but if you like the show you’ll put up with it. Celia naked, Shane’s first boob, Andy’s career in porn, all an all not bad filler. I’d say this episode was like a bad game of Bong Yahtzee. You roll poorly and most of the time you watch other people smoke, but a least you got a little toasted. And there’s always time for another game. Come on…..YAHTZEE!!!

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