Monday, October 1, 2007

Pop Culture Personal Contact!

Welcome to the first (of hopefully many) stories from fans where they come face to face with Pop Culture! This first Pop Culture Personal Contact (PCPC) involved a frequent columnist for TheTwoCents - Laura Ann!

By Laura Ann - TwoCents Columnist

Thursday night my roommate & I were casually watching The Jay Leno Show & he had a segment promoting "Chuck." It was Zachary Levi (who plays Chuck) going to random people's apartments & asking if he could do random things for get ice cream or clean their bathroom & then asking them to watch "Chuck" in return. It was a hilarious segment & Brandi & I were cracking up through the whole thing. Even though we hadn't planned on watching the show at all we decided to catch it if it happened to be on.

To Friday...Brandi & I were shopping at Walmart in Woodland Hills. We were trying to find a parking place & saw that half of the lot was blocked off because there was this huge film crew there & they were shooting something. Grrrrr. So we FINALLY found a parking place & went inside.

After getting everything we needed we were pushing our overloaded grocery cart outside when this tall guy rides up on a bicycle. He parked it lock or off, & ran inside. As he was getting off the bike I looked at him & thought, "That guy looks just like Chuck." Then he turned around & the jacket he had on said "CHUCK" on the back. I turned to Brandi & said, "That's Chuck! CHUCK! THAT IS CHUCK! FROM THE JAY LENO SHOW!" So we stood outside & just waited because all he did was run in for cigarettes.

He came back outside & when he was getting back on the bike I sprang into action. "You were on the Jay Leno show last night." HAahahahahahahah He looked really startled & then turned around & said, "Yes. Yes, I was!!"

Me: We weren't going to watch your show but that segment was so funny that now we are definitely going to.
Zach: REALLY?! Wow! Thanks! I mean..I didn't know how people were going to take it so...hi, I'm Zach. ::extends hand::
Me: Hi! I'm Laura! ::shakes hand::
:::same thing happens to Brandi:::

He asked where we were from & we said "South Carolina" & he replied with, "Oh. Actors?" Hahahahahaha! We stood outside & talked for about 5 minutes & he told us that LA is a tough city but if we give it time we'll totally fall in love with it. He had been working in the business for about 9 years & "Chuck" has been his big break.

As he was leaving Brandi asked if he'd mind getting a picture with us. He said he would be so flattered to. Zach is really tall so he took Brandi's camera & squeezed us in on both sides of him & took a picture. Apparently Zach Levi is a perfectionist because it was not to his liking. He started bragging about his photography skills & insisted we take another. Yay! The second one was great & he winked at us & told us to drive safe & good luck as he rode away on his bicycle.

So, "Chuck" will be a show that I will not miss this season. I really wish Zach luck...and safe driving......too.

[Do you have a Personal Contact story with someone the Pop Culture world? Do you have pictures? Let us know!]

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