Monday, October 1, 2007

Keep Your Eyes Open for EyeLab

CBS announced the launch of "EyeLab," an editing studio dedicated to creating CBS-based promotional content to be distributed across CBS Interactive platforms. The new short-form video content will be produced by fans, next-generation online content editors, and producers of CBS programming and will be tied to content from CBS News, Sports, Entertainment, Late Night and Daytime, as well as CSTV and Showtime. EyeLab clips will be distributed across the CBS Audience Network, including the newly redesigned and CBS Mobile.

EyeLab builds on research demonstrating that short-form clips are among the most viewed videos on the Web. This next-generation studio will be dedicated to creating thousands of original clips that will enable users to easily engage with and sample video tied to CBS’s wide range of content.

"Recognizing that short-form content is what our viewers want online, we’re committed to bringing CBS fans short, easy-to-digest clips—which they can take and mash up, rework, re-edit and, no doubt, inspire us with their creativity," said Anthony E. Zuiker, Executive Producer and Creator of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise. "Using the Web as a direct engagement platform with those who care the most about the show is a perfect way to bring the TV experience online and in turn, to learn from fans."

"EyeLab will allow our marketing and production team to tap into a vast new pool of creative resources while attracting new eyeballs to our TV content in a format that works on Interactive platforms," said George Schweitzer, President, CBS Marketing. "Online video is not just about TV shows as we know them and EyeLab content is not for TV. We can harness the passion and creativity of our shows' biggest fans, and also learn a lot about their interests and talents."

"We are well aware that the Internet is the world's best laboratory and we want to encourage our loyal and passionate fans to lend their creative ideas and talents in a way that makes CBS content their own," said Patrick Keane, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, CBS Interactive. "By inviting fans to participate, we expect to grow our already vast content slate tremendously. CBS was ahead in massive, open distribution and this represents the next step—catering content better for our users based on what we're learning about them. The creation of EyeLab also underscores another key difference in the Interactive platforms, which is the ability to handle and program for inverse scarcity— EyeLab can’t feed the Audience Network, or CBS Mobile too much content."

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