Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"How I Met Your Mother" Recap & Review - "We're Not From Here"

How I Met Your Mother
“We're Not From Here”

Original Air Date: October 1, 2007

KP – TwoCents Head Writer

We start in the bar (MacLaren's Pub – never knew that), big surprise. Lilly and Marshall tell us about Death Folders – places we keep info on numbers, addresses, finances and a letter to each other. In sitcom ways – Marshall of course didn’t write it. What if he dies before tonight?! Marshall knocks on wood, throws some salt, spins around and he’s off to write his letter.

Flash to Robin being a self finding fiasco in Argentina with Gael. And back to the bar for picture sharing of that fiasco. Robin believes that she has evolved. Ted is just happy that Robin is happy. To confuse Gael, they use big words, ah, I wonder how many people have to look up some of these words. Oh, and as far as Ted is concerned? He’s just jubilant that his former paramour is jubilant.

Marshall is writing his letter, complete with Marshall in a cloud-filled voice over. After a few pages of sentiment and 40+ Kleenex, Marshall reads Lilly’s letter. It’s just information, financial, magazines, etc. Yet, it was cloud-filled too!

Gael has all the women in the bar handing on his every word and Ted and Barney don’t like it. They wish they were tourists! The – blamo – they pretend to be tourists, right here in New York City. Surprise – Barney’s not in a suit, but he is using a bad Southern accent! They find some NYC girls to show them around. All while Robin is finding that life with Gael in Brooklyn isn’t the same as life with Gael in Argentina. Until Robin finds out that Gael invited a host full of visitors to stay with them, how you say… indefinitely.

Marshall can’t hide his annoyance at Lilly’s lack of a letter. Quick pause to celebrate their first fight as a married couple and then Marshall storms out. The girls bring Barney and Ted to a chain restaurant. Ted hates this, Barney loves it.

Robin tries to spread give some rules, oops sorry, Guidelines for Harmonious Living to the people in her living room which has now become a hostel. You think you wouldn’t need some GFHLs to avoid urinating into the kitchen sink. While Robin deals with this Ted and Marshall get mugged (now THAT’S a NYC event!). But that will lead to Thank God You’re Alive Sex according to Barney. But the girls are from NEW JERSEY! Ted can’t handle it, he blows his top and spills the truth because you have to earn the right to call yourself a New Yorker!!

Robin deals with a noisy traveler in the living room … it’s HER! Vacation Robin is on the couch! But Brooklyn Robin hates Vacation Robin even if she does try to make out with her! Robin wakes up from the dream and tries to kick out the travelers. Her words didn’t work but that gun in her bedside table sure did. Gael is on his way out too. Barney is happy to have Scherbatsky back!

Lilly wrote the letter and makes Marshall swear to not open it. Flash forward to 2029 to a bald Marshall opening Lilly’s letter! You’ll have to watch to see what happened!

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