Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Gossip Girl" Recap & Review - "Poison Ivy"

Gossip Girl
"Poison Ivy"

Original Air Date: October 3, 2007

Alicia - TwoCents Staff Writer

School’s in. Time for class. The show opens up with the teens getting ready for class. While at a class assembly, a teacher informs them the upcoming class mixer with some of the top Ivy League schools will be the deciding factor for them about getting into college.

Serena arrives at home after staying the night at her brother’s hospital room. We see her rushing to get ready for school, yelling at her mother to leave her alone.
Serena and Blair argue at one another during lacrosse at gym class. Blair acting childish knocks Serena over and they both end up tumbling to the ground. To make matters worse, Blair fakes an injury to get Serena in trouble.

Dan, Chuck, and Nate are being interviewed about being an usher at the mixer; an important resume builder. Dan is nervous, Chuck is cocky, and Nate is unsure he wants the position. Even as unsure as he was, Nate gets the job. Dan goes home upset, making what he calls a “melodramatic” entrance. His dad tries to cheer him up, but it doesn’t work.

Chuck follows Serena to her brother Eric’s hospital and calls Blair. It’s time for exploiting!

Serena, her mother, and Eric are in therapy talking. Serena invites Eric to go to the mixer with him.

Dan’s father, Rufus, goes to his son’s school to question about Dan not getting the usher position. He has to talk to Blair’s mother. Rufus ends up getting Dan the position of “refreshment chair.”

The party starts as Serena takes their feud to a new level. While Blair makes nice with a V.I.P. of Yale, Serena barges in and tells the V.I.P. Serena doesn’t like crew, thus embarrassing her. But, things take a turn when Eric’s doctor enters.
Dan and Nate end up talking. Nate mentions he is not doing well with the Dartmouth V.I.P. Dan feeds him lines to say, lines that Nate doesn’t quite understand. Instead Dan goes to the V.I.P. himself and impresses him.

Blair gets up to make an announcement to the entire mixer. She mentions that the proceeds of the party will go towards Eric’s hospital. Not knowing Eric is the one at the hospital, Blair, in front of everyone, says the hospital has “helped one of their own.” Rudely, she proceeds to mention that it’s Serena, who has been helped. Serena, plays along and thanks Blair for helping the hospital.

Serena goes to confront Blair to ask her to stop. She says, no. Serena leaves and Dan follows her out. He tells her that if she wants to talks he’s there for her. Serena asks Dan to call her. He agrees. Eric goes up to Blair and shows her his wrist. It’s clear she feels bad about what she did.

Jenny shows up at Eric’s hospital to hang out. It’s clear love is starting! Blair finds Serena reading alone. She takes out a letter she wrote to Serena (while she was at boarding school) and begins to read it. She talks about how lonely she was and breaks down. Serena, in turn, begins to cry. Is their rift mending? Or is this a momentary lapse in judgment? Only time will tell….

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