Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Chuck" Recap & Review - "Chuck Versus The Tango"

"Chuck Versus The Tango"

Original Air Date: October 8, 2007

Jeff L - TwoCents Staff Writer

Tehran, Iran. We open on a painting of water lilies. The buyer shoots the seller and takes off with the painting. He flies to Madrid, Spain where he’s selling the painting and again the new buyer shoots the seller. The new buyer takes off with the painting and heads to Los Angeles. Now he’s the seller and he’s not gonna take any crap. He pulls a gun on the buyer, but the buyers is faster and takes him out.
Across town Chuck is at the Buy More fixing stuff, cause he’s a Nerd Herder dontcha know? Big Mike (Chuck’s boss) calls him in and tells him about the assistant manager job he’s got Chuck in mind for. It’s either him or Harry. Harry is Chucks work rival. Chuck and his Nerd Herd have to fix a bunch of computers to prove that Chuck has what it takes to a manager.

Chuck’s spy “girlfriend” shows up and tells Chuck about slew of dead art dealers. Chuck sees something and “flashes” on the painting. Turns out the painting is being auctioned off and some terrorist called La Ciudad is after the painting. Mommy General and the Candyman tell Casey and Sarah to go to the art auction and find La Ciudad. Casey tells Chuck he has to go to the art auction so he leaves his team to fix all the computers while he’s on his “date.” Chuck goes home to get dressed up and learn how to tango from Captain Awesome (his sister’s boyfriend).

Sarah gives Chuck his first piece of spy gear – a GPS watch so they can keep track of him. Casey, Chuck and Sarah go to the auction and in the bathroom Chuck flashes on a guy who he thinks is La Ciudad. Meanwhile, back at the Buy More the Nerd Herd are thinking of quitting and going home, but Morgan saves the day at least temporarily. Before the team can fix the computers Morgan accidenly locks himself in the cage where the computers are stored and the Nerd Herd abandon him.

Chuck meets a beautiful woman admiring the painting, and he flashes on the frame and sees that it contained plutonium. The guy from the bathroom apprehends Sarah and takes her to the roof where Casey has to rescue her. Turns out he’s all James Bond and works for the British Secret Service. While the spies are all getting acquainted, Chuck is downstairs dancing with La Ciudad (the woman who was looking at the painting). Why Chuck doesn’t figure out who she is when she sees her is just another mystery I guess. But they dance up a tango stand and then her goons grab Chuck and bring him upstairs to their room. Casey and Sarah return to the party to find Chuck missing and they use the GPS watch to track him upstairs where they rescue him just as La Ciudad and her goons are about to throw Chuck off the balcony. La Ciudad and her henchmen get away, but Chuck is saved and heads home where sis tells him Morgan has been calling him all night. He heads down to the Buy More and lets Morgan out of the cage and finishes up fixing all the broken computers and landing the assistant manager job.

There’s a major problem at the Buy More though, when the goons and La Ciudad show up to take Chuck out. Sarah and La Ciudad end up doing the kick each other’s butts tango on the roof of the store and Casey takes out the two giant goons as Sarah takes down the terrorist on the roof. Chuck and Sarah go out on a congratulatory date and they talk about kissing each other. Sarah says she’d be up for it, but walks away before Chuck can make his move. Not a lot of laughs in this week’s show. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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