Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Bionic Woman" Recap & Review - "Paradise Lost"

Bionic Woman
"Paradise Lost"

Original Air Date: October 3, 2007

Josh - TwoCents Staff Writer

We begin with the graveside funeral of Jamie’s boyfriend who, as you may remember from episode 1, was sniped by Sarah-I’m-the-original-bionic-woman-Corvis. Jonas wastes no time in trying to bring in Jamie, and for an organization that’s so secretive, he has no qualms about stopping her in front of her curious sister. Just like in episode one, she tells him she’s going back to her life.

After walking around her late boyfriend's apartment she finds a mysteriously loose floorboard and underneath it, a thick binder that’s all about her…and begins two years before she even met her boyfriend. So how does our bionic woman handle this information? She gets her drink on and tries to get freaky with a “Mr. Right Now” in a dirty pub bathroom. But she gets a little too freak nasty and breaks his rib, which is probably better because Jonas enters shortly after and that could have been really awkward. Jonas gives her a “you can help save the world” speech while she tries not to vomit.

Jamie likes the idea of saving the world, which is demonstrated to us by her saving a suicidal woman and looking forlorn at the evening news. She has a buzzing in her bionic ear she can’t get rid of and once she pays Jonas a visit at HQ all it takes is a slap upside her head to get the buzzing to stop. Jamie meets her supervisor (Isaiah Washington) and he sends her to train with Jae, and we’re treated to a cliché training montage in a warehouse.

Later Jae gets a note from Sarah Corvis to meet at a hotel. The two of them get hot and heavy soon after, despite the fact that the last time they saw each other he was putting several bullets into her chest. Sarah says that she thought she had somehow been hacked and she forgives him, he did what he had to do.

The ever eager Jamie jumps into her first (self appointed, I might add) assignment by tagging along with Ruth to a small town where everyone is dead in what appears to be biological warfare. We soon find out it was a dry run for a much, much larger biological attack, using something called DMC-30, on the US. My question is, if everyone dropped dead in this town, why are the cars deserted and bikes on the ground with no bodies? A group of bad guys posing as the army show up and there’s a show down with Jamie and one of the guys, and yes, she kicks his ass.

Jamie’s fist assignment is a success. She saved the world and got to go back to her pot smoking sister in time for dinner. It’s all in a day's work for Jamie but larger questions remain, like why would the company create this DMC-30 in the first place and how did these guys in fatigues get a hold of it? Why was there a binder of information long before Jamie got into that car accident? Who hacked Sarah Corvis? Where’s Anthony Anthros? I guess we’ll just have to tune in next week, and I’ll be tuning in week after week as long as we get more of the bad ass Sarah Corvis instead of the forgiving romantic we saw in this episode.

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