Saturday, October 27, 2007

2pm Report From Day 2

Ok, back to the hotel to throw our jeans, socks and sneakers into the dryers here. So, we'll update.

It POURED all day, and I mean BUCKETS of rain! We parked in our favorite parking garage and walked up and down the tents as they set up the Street Festival. Lots of little tables of Scranton restaurants and shops, most of which were featured on the show. (i.e. Poor Richard's, Cooper's, Froggy 107 FM, etc.)

The we headed up the street and to the main stage where the Office Olympics were supposed to be, but they got rained out. We walked to the registration tent to see if the printer was working yet for our official passes, - nope. So we got in line for the NBC store, we lucked out and as soon as they got power (took forever for the generators work in the rain.) We beat the crowds, purchased a hat and poncho and worked our way back down the street festival where we partook in Crab Bisque from Cooper's and some potato pancakes from a place called the Nices'. Yum!

Back to the tent to wait in line for autographs. They were supposed to have 4 different stars every hour. Lines A would get 2 of them, and line B would get the other 2. Then they switch out the stars for 4 more. They were about 30 minutes late arriving, so things got a little messy. You had the NBC store, Registration for Tickets, and 2 Autograph lines all squished under the same 2 tents. Stupid rain. Nellie made her way to get autographs from Leslie David Baker (Stanley) and Craig Robinson (Darryl) while I got Oscar and Creed. They were all very nice. Craig was helping the crowd out by siging little Milky Way bars and flinging them into the crowd.

On our way to the Steamtown Mall to get our stock certificates for Dunder Mifflin's Uncommon Stockholder's Meeting we were picked up by the free Trolly rides and delivered right to the door way. It seemed every store was decked out in Office stuff!

Now we're off again for the Cast Q&A and then back here to get ready for another evening of VIP cocktail parties, Scrantones concerts and who knows what else.

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