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"Weeds" Recap & Review - "Sh*t Highway" & "Bill Sussman"

Original Air Date: Sunday September 2, 2007

"Bill Sussman"
Original Air Date: Sunday September 9, 2007

Maty - TwoCents Senior Writer

Last weeks episode of Weeds was almost not worth a review but since it’s our job, here’s a short porch. Little boxes performed by Donovan Leitch, Matthew Modine guest stars as a man named Sullivan who is representing the neighboring town of Majestic who wants to put a sewer system through the middle of Aggrestic, Nancy can’t make enough money so she gets a job working for Sullivan, Silas decides the best way to sell U-Turns dope is to do it while doing community, and Andy while on special assignment for the army is the target of a new missile tracking system which kills his partner.

This episode was a building episode for more to come hopefully. I’d give it a fifty dollar eighth. It’s expensive and you go through to quickly.

Now to this weeks episode-Bill Sussman. Little Boxes was performed by Oscar winner Billy Bob Thornton.

Andy is on the run from the army, Silas is selling drugs for his mother and Shane is in summer school in Majestic studying critical thinking. Which turns out to be a beautiful joke setup, but we’re not there yet.

Nancy drops off two grand with U-Turn, the money Silas made, when Marvin is carried into the room because he’s been shot. U-Turn doesn’t want to get blood in his car to he makes Nancy drive him and Marvin to a secret doctor, so Nancy thinks. It turns out U-Turn was just using Nancy as a driver for his drive-by against the Mexicans.

If that wasn’t bad enough after the drive-by Nancy goes to pick-up Shane at school and learns that it is an aggressive Christian summer school. Poor Shane.

Now back in Aggrestic Andy has gotten a disguise and an alias Bill Sussman (episode name) and is looking for money to help him while on the run. Nancy has trouble helping out because she’s having a breakdown from scrubbing Marvin’s blood out of the back of her Prius. Also in town Sullivan has made a deal with both Celia and Doug to put a crap highway through the middle of Aggrestic. Doug got a golf membership and Celia got a house. Who got the better of that deal?

Silas is still selling drugs and Shane is using his powers of critical thinking to solve a imaginary murder given to him by his teacher.

Helia and Conrad have got a there new grow house up and running and it seems that Helia is impressed by Conrads talent for growing. They discuss the fact that now U-Turn and the Mexicans are at war. I wonder if Helia actually shot Marvin to provoke a war.

Andy has a secret meeting with the army where they demand the phone (missile tracking device) that killed Rodriguez his partner. After bullying him Andy gives back the phone and they ask him to sign some papers. Andy asks “what am I signing?” The man across the table responds, “ You’re not signing anything. You’re not here right now. You were never at Fort Irwin, and the only man named Rodriguez you know is some A-hole on Yankees who thinks he’s better then Greg Nettles.” Which made me laugh out loud.

So Andy’s free. Shane has now come up with a solution to his murder mystery and that is that there was do murder. No body no murder. He stands up and gives his conclusion to the class. The teacher responds, “ Ah but there was. A murder of the worst kind. For you see… Jill had an ABORTION!!” And he shows a bloody picture to the class. And the class all starts to pray. And again I laugh out loud. I wonder what that says about me? Hmmm

Anyway when Nancy gets home with Shane she opens the garage and Silas and U-Turn are standing there. Nancy walks him out. He tells her he’s left her something to watch for him. It’s a whole truck of Heroin. Boy does Nancy need this guy out of her life. To make matters worse Nancy walks U-Turn out to his car. After the ride in hers, U-Turn bought himself a Prius, actually eight of them. His whole crew now rides around in Prius’. Why? Because “they are quiet for sneakin up on mother-F-ers.”. Then he hands her a copy of the Secret.

This episode was a lot of fun. I would call it a birthday bag. It’s free. It usually comes hidden in some sort of new pot storage device or accompanied by a new smoking contraption. Always Kind Bud and always nice. Wait! Maybe that was only my sister.

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