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"Weeds" Recap & Review - "Grasshopper"


Original Air Date: Monday September 17, 2007

Maty - TwoCents Senior Staff Writer

Little Boxes was performed by The Shins.

Nancy decides to tell only Andy, who has decided only to wear underwear while cooking breakfast, about the trunk of Heroin left by U-Turn. Andy breaks it down “I’m no expert. I’ve heard tar worth between 40,000 and 80,000 a Key, and you got what twenty Key’s in there, and that’s whole sale, once you break it down into chunks and balloons you’re talking like ten times that. It’s awesome.” Nancy isn’t as excited.

Sullivan calls and tells Nancy he wants her to throw a party. Nancy decides to use the money for herself and throw the party at her home and make Andy earn his keep.

Meanwhile Sullivan is showing Celia her new home in Majestic. It’s a gorgeous home until a few golf balls come flying through the window courtesy of Doug with little messages on them. Words we don’t use here at TheTwoCents.

Nancy is now in the gym with her new mentor U-Turn. He’s making her practice boxing with him. He’s thinking about grooming her for his next Lt. “Never turn down an opportunity to learn” he preaches. Then gives her an address to meet him at later.

Welcome Mary Kate Olsen, as Tara the Bingo caller at the old age home, Silas is doing community service. The community service is going well because Silas is having no trouble unloading green on the elderly.

Andy’s at home cooking while trying to bond with Shane who is not at all interested in anything but real family time with his whole family. He’s now interested in hanging with just Uncle Andy. Then the real problem emerges. Shane hates summer school. Shane says “Can you convince mom that I’m better off sitting at home all summer, then stuck in a classroom with a bunch of religious zealots proselytizing a form of fundamentalism that’s two clicks away from Jihad”?

Don’t worry I looked it up. According to Webster’s proselytizing means to induce some to convert to ones faith or to recruit someone to join one’s party, institution, or cause.

Now we can move on. So Nancy goes to meet U-Turn at the address he gave her earlier. It turns out to be the grow house of Helia James. Nancy is surprised to find the old crew. U-Turn demands his crops from Conrad who responds it’s not ready. U-Turn tells Nancy to knock over some plants to show them they mean business. She turns one over gentle. U-Turn screams at her to do it right. She kicks over some plants for real. As U-Turn storms out Nancy makes a face of apology. U-Turn grabs her and says, “Thug means never having to say you’re sorry”.

Over at the construction site for the crap high way, Sullivan and Celia are flirting until Doug shows up with a guy from the Wild Life Association putting a stop to the flirting and construction. Doug’s not happy with the deal they all made and wants more for his vote.

Cut to U-Turns apartment. Nancy being the new apprentice is forced to help U-Turn workout and yell at Marvin. During the workout U-Turn quizzes Nancy on what’s she’s learned so far. When she doesn’t take it seriously U-Turn puts her up against the wall and says” I’m a drug dealer and I’m great at it. Don’t you want to be good at what you do”?

Now Silas is caught by Tara who knows he is dealing drugs to the old folks. She says it’s okay with her as long as he smokers her up. The catch is she’s really religious and wants to get high and talk about Jesus.

Then at the party blah blah blah... Nancy and Celia make up. Well Nancy pretends to be alright with Celia because she wants her to get of the room with all the heroin in it. Celia and Sullivan flirt, Shane complains about school.

The next day Silas and Tara get high and she talks in bible jargon. She won’t drink, smoke cigarettes or have sex until she’s married, but she’ll smoke pot because it’s natural and she’ll do everything else but go all the way. So Silas will listen to some Jesus talk for a while.

Then while running for exercise U-Turn has a seizure or something. He falls down and Marvin convinces Nancy he needs potassium to help stabilize his blood pressure. While Nancy is gone, Marvin suffocates U-Turn for making fun of him all the time and making Nancy his second in command. When Nancy comes back it’s too late. U-Turn is dead.

Thank god U-Turn is dead. Now Nancy has a fighting chance. I liked this episode because it was fun to see Nancy become a bit of a thug. Always uncomfortable with it, but she did what she was told. I also liked it because we got out of neutral. The story can move forward now without being too tense. I’m sure they have more tension in store for us, but until then it looks like they’ll have some fun.

I give this episode a Fat Dime Bag. You’re getting more then what you paid for and it will tie you over until you get yourself a new sack.

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