Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two Cents & Five Questions With...

... Lance Krall, Actor

Remember that reality show from 2003 where a guy was put into a house, thinking it was a reality show, but everyone else were actors? The Joe Schmo Show! Remember "Kip" on the show? That was actor Lance Krall, or as he's known to us in the Office Universe - Sensei Ira!

Recently Lance spent some time with TheTwoCents and shared his TwoCents and Five Answers about being involved with "The Office" during the season 2 episode entitled "The Fight".


TwoCents: Tell TheTwoCents readers about yourself and how you started in "show biz".
Lance Krall: I started doing improv in college with a bunch of loosers and we eventually co-founded The Whole World Theatre. I did shows there for about eight years and finally decided to move to LA in 2000.

TC: You've had roles on shows such as "The Joe Schmo Show" and "Monk". What path led you to playing the role of "Ira" (Dwight's Sensei) in "The Fight" episode of "The Office"?
LK: The writers were big fans of Joe Schmo and called me in to audition. Lucky for me, I had trained in Tae Kwon Do for fourteen years, so the part came pretty naturally.

TC: What was the experience like working on a hit show like "The Office" that really focuses on the entire ensemble? Did you have to referee a lot of improv between Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson?
LK: It was great. Everyone there was so damn nice, from Steve on down to the caterer. Rainn was super to work with and just a great guy to be around. The fight went on FOREVER, and it just got funnier and funnier. I couldn't help but laugh at the end, and of course that's the take they kept. Needless to say, it is a very laid back crew, which is a huge plus when you are doing comedy.

TC: Do you have any websites that you like to visit for your own entertainment?
LK: Farmlove.com - five year member. Seriously though, I'm a film rumor junkie. Aintitcool, comingsoon, darkhorizons, etc... Aside from that, I get all my news from the internet.

TC: What can we look forward to seeing you in soon?
LK: Hopefully a new car. Mine sucks right now. Also, I have a new show called "Free Radio" that will air on Vh1 in Jan. It's set in a struggling LA radio station and I play a moronic DJ that interviews real celebrities as they promote their latest endeavors. It's going to be a hoot.

**TwoCents Bonus Question**
TC: If someone were to climb off a desert island and only have time to watch five movies to learn what American cinema is all about, what five movies would you show them?
LK: Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Porky's, Die Hard, and A Christmas Story. If I got to show them a sixth - BRATZ!

Many thanks to Lance for spending some time with us as we enter our final week of anticipation for the Season 4 Premiere of "The Office"!

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