Thursday, September 20, 2007

Two Cents & Five Questions With...

... Craig Anton, Actor

Craig Anton is a regular on Disney's "Phil of the Future" and shows up often on Comedy Central's "Tom Goes To The Mayor". You may have also seen him in an episode of shows such as "King of Queens", "Boston Legal" or "Ally McBeal" among many others. However, we caught up with Craig to ask him about his guest role as Craig, the Albany Branch Manager, in the "Valentine's Day" episode of "The Office".

With "The Office" set to premiere a week from today, we are winding down our Office Universe Interview series and Craig was kind enough to share his TwoCents with us as a part of it!


TwoCents: Could you tell TheTwoCents readers about yourself and how you started in "show biz"?
Craig Anton: I started doing theater as a kid in Omaha NE, then started working in a comedy club during high school with my pals. Did theater, stand up, sketch and magic and juggling thru college and then went on the road, moved to NYC, then out to LA. Never looked back, never stopped....can't stop.

TC: You've had roles on shows such as "The King of Queens" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm". What path led you to playing the role of "Craig" in the season 2 episode called "Valentine's Day" of "The Office"?
CA: The role of Craig in the Office was handed to me after I auditioned. That's how most things are auditioning.

TC: What was the experience like working on a hit show like "The Office" that really focuses on the entire ensemble and stretched out in that episode to show the other office Regional Managers?
CA: I was thrilled to be a part of that show. I liked the way director Greg Daniels took time to work the scenes and find the comedy. Most shows have to hurry up and shoot. On the Office, everyone was careful about finding the comedy and finding what worked best in the scene.

TC: Do you think the Office fans could get to see "Craig" again in a future episode?
CA: I have no idea if "Craig" will recurr, I tend not to wait around for the phone to ring. I show up, do my work, try to have fun, be courteous and then go home. That's all we can really do.... that and threaten people with physical harm.

TC: What can we look forward to seeing you in soon?
CA: I'm on TV nearly everyday where I play the dad on Disney Channel's "Phil of The Future." Live in Los Angeles: "The Idiots"- Last Thursday of every month at Steve Allen Theater; ( Opening a new original comedy, Dead Bride Running, mid-September: ( at The Underground Theater in Hollwood. And every Saturday at midnight myself with Brendon Small (Cartoon Network's, "Metalocalypse"), Ron Lynch and I host a late night variety show called- "Tomorrow"- featuring music, short films, stand up and sketch....weirdness. Also at the Steve Allen Theater.

*TwoCents Bonus Question*
If someone were to climb off a desert island and only have time to watch five movies to learn what American cinema is all about, what five movies would you show them?
CA: Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, Chinatown, The Deer Hunter, Stranger Than Paradise.

Many many thanks to Craig for taking some time out for us and helping us expand The Office Universe!

Check back next week for our final 2 summer interviews with members of The Office Universe!

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